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March Insurance Solutions.

We can offer you a range of options to cover your jewellery, either as part of a home insurance or a stand alone insurance.

Jewellery Insurance


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We are a Chartered firm of insurance brokers. This means we have satisfied rigorous criteria relating to professional qualifications and ethical good practice. It means you can be confident that you are dealing with one of the UK's leading firms that is wholly committed to providing you with the best possible advice, service and support.

Jewellery Care Advice
and Tips

If you follow these simple rules you will be less likely to lose or damage your precious items. Take care of your jewellery and you will get many years of enjoyment from its beauty.

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Jewellery Care Tips

We can arrange insurance cover on your precious items in the event of their loss, but we can never replace the sentimental value of a piece of jewellery associated with a significant event or person.

You can, however, take a number of steps to take care of your jewellery:
  • When staying in a hotel always place jewellery in the room safe when not being worn.
  • Never leave items of jewellery in an unattended motor vehicle.
  • If you are travelling by car in an unfamiliar area, particularly when abroad, lock your car doors and keep valuables out of sight
  • Carry jewellery as hand luggage on a plane do not put it into the hold in your suitcase.
  • Don't take your rings off when washing your hands in any public convenience they are easy to forget and won't be there when you go back.
  • If you are wearing gloves on a cold day, your rings could become looser due to the cold and can come off when removing your glove.
  • Have settings and clasps on your jewellery checked by your jeweller regularly to prevent stones falling out or bracelets being lost.
  • Don't leave jewellery loose in a jewellery box as diamonds will scratch softer stones
  • Have your jewellery regularly revalued to ensure that in the event of loss your sum insured is sufficient to replace with an equivalent quality item. A valuation will also reveal any damage or issues with that item.

If you follow these simple rules you will be less likely to lose or damage your precious items. Take care of your jewellery and you will get many years of enjoyment from its beauty.

The National Association of Goldsmiths also have a webpage dedicated to taking care of your jewellery. Simply click here for their professional advice on how to keep your jewellery looking at its best.

In addition to the above you shouldn't drop your guard when you are at home. There are also a number of things you can do at your home to prevent you from becoming a victim of crime.

  • Ensure all door and window locks are in good working order and used at all times your home is unoccupied.
  • Never leave keys in locks and always keep them out of sight.
  • You should also be careful if you are working in the garden and there is no one in the house, as sneak thieves will take advantage of any opportunity that is presented to them.
  • If possible fit either a chain or a spy hole to your front door so you can deny access to undesirables without opening your door. When answering your door always ask for identification from anyone requesting access to your home. If they are genuine they will be happy to comply.
  • If you have a burglar alarm make sure it has a maintenance contract and any faults are reported immediately upon discovery. Also get false alarms rectified immediately otherwise neighbours and the Police may ignore your alarm.
  • When planting trees and shrubs; don't plant them in a way that obscures your front door as this gives thieves the cover they need to break into your home.
  • If you are secluded consider installing movement-activated security Iighting.
  • Ensure your garage, outbuildings and sheds are securely locked at all times as this prevents the use of your ladders or tools to break into your home.
  • Never give anyone other than your family a set of house keys. Once the keys are outside of your control, you have no idea whether copies have been taken and, if so, who now has a key to your home.
  • Whenever you move to a new property, even a brand new house, always change the locks as you have no idea who has a key to your new home. Never leave a key in a "safe" hiding place thieves know them all.
  • Only give your alarm code to approved key holders.
  • If you move to a new property, even a brand new house, always change the alarm code as you have no idea who has the old code.

This information should enable you to take better care of your jewellery but, if all else fails, then arranging your insurance cover via T H March will ensure any claim is hassle free and your interests are looked after.

Home Insurance

In some cases it can be better to cover your jewellery as part of a home insurance. For details of what we can offer, click here.

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