Busting the Burglars: Prevent Theft at Home

Despite what you see on the movie screen, burglars’ typical method of entry into homes is simple: they use the door. Keeping this in mind, there are several actions you can take to keep intruders away and your valuables safe. Consider the following guidelines:

  • Be safe with your keys—Be sure that every door and window in your home can be locked. A burglar is far less inclined to break into a house if they have to shatter glass or spend a great deal of effort on entry. For each door, make sure you have a labelled key and carry the keys with you at all times. Never hide keys near an entry point to your home, such as under a doormat or inside a flowerpot. Although this is common practice, consider how simple it would be for an intruder to find the key and gain entry.
  • Lock up when you leave—Often, you may forget to lock the doors and windows if you will only be gone for a short time. However, regardless of time spent away from the house, it only takes minutes for a burglar to do serious damage. Whether you are leaving for a quick trip to the supermarket or embarking on holiday travel, make it a habit to lock up each method of entry.
  • Ditch the deliveries during holiday—If you leave your house unattended during holiday travels, take extra precautions to avoid burglary. For instance, an intruder is more likely to know that you aren’t home for an extended period if deliveries are left outside or your letterbox is full. Don’t let your home look like an easy target—either cancel any deliveries during your travel or have a loved one pick them up for you.
  • Implement proper security measures—Lastly, it is important to consider different kinds of locks for each door in your home. For instance, you might use a mortice deadlock for your main entrance and a British Standard 8621 lock for secondary doors. In addition, consider installing an alarm system to detect potential intruders.