Coronavirus COVID-19 Customer Update

Updated: Monday 7th September 2020.

All our offices (excluding London) have re-opened and some staff will continue to work from home.

Our claims line for personal insurances and general commercial insurances (excluding Jewellers’ Block and insurance purchases at the point of sale) continues operating normally by calling 01822 668000 and selecting option 3.

Our main switchboard can be reached by calling 01822 855555 from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday where our friendly reception team will pass a message on to the right person so you can be contacted.

Communication by e-mail for most enquiries will be easier initially. If you cannot get through to someone immediately on the phone, we will be able to call you should you wish to speak with someone but please bear with us if our response time is not as prompt as it normally is.

Like all businesses, we are likely to be impacted by staff illness as a result of the virus and this means that responses may not always be as swift as we would normally expect.

Key contact e-mail addresses:

Jewellers’ Block commercial insurances – please get in touch with your usual TH March contact or e-mail the office you normally deal with as below:

General commercial insurance –

March Guard (for insurance issued at the point of sale by jewellers) –

Financial planning –

Accounts –

Marketing –


Our claims line will be working normally during normal office hours. For new March Plus jewellery claims, Homecover and Homecover Elite claims, you can also complete a claim form here and submit it to us. For other claims queries and new claim notifications, you can e-mail

Should you suffer an emergency, if you have a home or commercial insurance policy with us, check your policy as this may have emergency telephone numbers to cover certain situations. Please note, however, that it is likely everyone will be experiencing problems with fewer staff in the insurer’s emergency assistance teams available to take calls and arrange for tradesmen to visit.

For anything else, should you suffer a loss or damage, please ensure that you take any necessary temporary steps to make your property secure and to prevent any further loss or damage occurring. Policies normally stipulate that any accidental losses away from the home or any theft should be reported to the police immediately.

Whilst we can offer no guarantees about what an insurer will pay for, we will always ask an insurer to consider paying the cost of any reasonable steps that have been taken to prevent further damage occurring that would normally be expected to be covered by your policy. This will not normally extend to any improvements you may make.

For example, if you experience a burst pipe, if appropriate and possible, turn off the water supply to your home or business and call a plumber to stop any leak. Some work carried out by a plumber may be covered by your policy depending on the type of policy you have but, generally, the cost of repairing a leak is not. If there is chance of further damage occurring if prompt action is not taken; for example, water damaged goods/possessions getting worse if they are left wet, please seek advice from a professional drying company about appropriate steps that may need to be taken. Again, there may be some reduction in normal service levels from these types of companies whilst the COVID-19 restrictions are ongoing.

In some cases, a permanent repair may be easier and more cost-effective than a temporary repair followed by a permanent repair.

Personal jewellery insurance

If you wish to arrange cover on personal jewellery, for items up to £15,000 individually in value and collections up to £30,000 in total, you can obtain a quotation and arrange immediate cover via our website here.

For existing personal jewellery insurances, you may find some of the information in our help centre useful.

Commercial jewellery insurance (Jewellers’ Block)

In the first instance, please get in touch with your usual T H March contact. Alternatively, please e-mail us at one of the e-mail address provided above.

All other types of insurance

Please refer to the e-mail addresses provided above.

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