Congratulations to our March Star Winners for September

The March Star Award acknowledges and recognises staff for their hard work and those who go above and beyond to help out their colleagues, Line Managers and clients! They are nominated by staff for staff!

Congratulations go to

Georgia Henderson, Apprentice Administrative Assistant, Birmingham Office

Georgia joined THM in December 2019 on a Business Administration Apprenticeship in our Birmingham Office.

Lee Wallace, Senior Account Manager in the Birmingham Team has said “Georgia is a vital cog in the support team of the Birmingham office helping to provide an efficient service to clients business and personal insurance needs.”

The Birmingham Office specialise in providing a local service to Jewellers by reviewing individual insurance requirements and providing appropriate advice and guidance using our 130 years’ experience arranging insurance for the trade. TH March Group also specialise in personal jewellery and home insurance including High Net Worth cover to provide bespoke arrangements for our clients, alongside Financial Planning services.

Georgia has worked throughout lockdown, taking calls from clients at home. She has received multiple March Star nominations from her colleagues!

Here’s what some of her colleagues had to say:

“Georgia joined the Birmingham team as an Apprentice in December. She has worked hard to understand our procedures and business structure in this time. During the transition of office to home working, Georgia was proactive, enthusiastic and an all round team player. She is now our Birmingham switchboard and administrative assistant from her home. This is Georgia’s first full time job and having to go through this unprecedented time, transitioning from an office worker to a home worker and still remaining positive and supportive to the rest of the team is so encouraging. Georgia, you are a star!”

“The last 6 months have been a challenge for everyone and I feel that all staff need to be recognised for all their hard work and sacrifices they have made over the last 6 months. I could not be prouder of all of the Birmingham Team…”


Corey Rhodes, Personal Insurances Renewal Technician, National Service Centre

Corey joined THM in July 2018 on a Business Administration Apprenticeship in our National Service Centre in Devon.

Lynne Arundel, Personal Insurances Operations Managers said “Corey works in our Personal Insurances Team and recently transferred from the Admin Team across into the Renewals Team. He is a great asset to the department.”

The Personal Insurances Team deal with bespoke insurance for high valued jewellery and watches. Our close relationship with the various jewellery associations backed up by our 130 years of experience gives us a unique insight in to understanding our clients needs and protecting their precious items.

Here’s what some of his colleagues had to say:

“Corey is always so helpful, with unlimited patience, he is so knowledgeable and doing a great job in his new role.”

“Corey has really embraced his training for the phones and has not appeared phased at all about learning this task. Feedback from trainers has been really positive. Corey is now working towards his Cert and I wish him the best of luck :-)”


Congratulations to our March Star Winners for September! 

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