Choosing a luxury gift for a special dad this Father’s Day

A thoughtful gift will show your dad just how much he means to you this Father’s Day.

Father’s Day on Sunday 20 June is an opportunity to show your dad how much you care. To help you find that perfect present, we’ve put together some inspiration for jewellery and watch gifts that could help to make his Father’s Day the best one yet.

Whether he’s a grandad or a first time parent, a thoughtful, luxurious gift can be a long-lasting token of your love and appreciation for your father.

A sparkling choice for a special dad

Men’s fashion and style magazine GQ has proclaimed a men’s jewellery renaissance in 2021. The magazine suggests that anything goes, from diamond-encrusted bracelets to earrings.

You might take some inspiration from its suggestions for high end gifts. These include a monogrammed chain link necklace by Louis Vuitton, priced at £2,510. Its American counterpart has highlighted a gemstone-encrusted Bulgari bracelet at $15,800 and Tom Wood diamond king ring featuring a blindingly beautiful 76 white diamonds, at $6,370.

Whatever your budget, you might consider branching out from more traditional gifts and treating your dad to something dazzling this Father’s Day.

Present time: a gift that lasts

A high quality watch is a gift that can be last a lifetime. With so much choice out there, consider what will be the right fit for your father. Whether you select a timepiece that is hard-wearing and practical or a smart and traditional dress watch will depend on your dad’s personal taste and lifestyle.

Synonymous with style and luxury, a watch by Swiss watchmakers Breitling, will certainly make an impact. Creating beautiful and enduring timepieces since 1884, Breitling has recently launched its new Super Chronomat, billed as ‘the ultimate choice for those who want a timepiece mastering the balance between sturdy and stylish’.

Three versions of the watch have been revealed: two with stainless steel and blue or black accents and a third with a case in 18K red gold. Prices range from approximately £10,000 to £16,000.

A traditional gift with a personal touch

A signet ring is the traditional jewellery of choice for men. They are often worn on the little finger, but some people choose to wear them on their third ring finger. Known as the ‘gentleman’s ring’, the signet ring used to be a symbol of family heritage and original displayed the family crest or coat of arms.

These days, a signet ring can take many forms but often signify a personal or sentimental connection. You might choose to engrave the ring’s flat bezel with your family crest but could equally select a symbol that is meaningful to your dad. This will create a unique piece that reflects the membership of a club or celebrates a particular passion or interest.

Gold is the traditional metal, but signet rings can be made from silver or platinum. You could also set your Father’s Day gift with a precious stone.

This eye-catching 18k gold design by Tiffany is a stunning example of the signet ring’s bold and simple style. Part of the Tiffany 1837 Makers collection, the ring is inspired by the esteemed company’s long years of craftsmanship. It also features a flat, smooth top, allowing for the gift to be personalised with an engraving. The Maker’s Signet Ring in 18K gold is priced at £3,975.

Get advice to make the right choice this Father’s Day

Thanks to the growing popularity of men’s jewellery and watches, there are plenty of accessories available to suit any father’s tastes. But to make sure you make the right choice, why not make an appointment with your personal jewellery consultant to discuss the options on offer?

Get protection

Surprising that special father figure in your life with a beautiful gift can create fond memories that last a lifetime. And the protection and peace of mind provided by our jewellery and watch insurance is the ideal accessory to any Father’s Day present.

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