Mental Health First Aiders complete training to support our staff

Meet our new support team: the dedicated Mental Health First Aiders here to help TH March staff deal with whatever challenges lie ahead.

Thirteen volunteers from our branches up and down the country have just completed an intensive training course to give them the skills they need to support their own and others’ well-being.

The fully qualified Mental Health First Aiders (MHFA) have been trained to notice signs of mental ill health. They can then signpost colleagues to the right support at the right time.

Jo Morgan, Associate Director of HR, arranged the training after seeing the effects of the pandemic on mental health.

She said: “I have seen the impact Covid has had on the mental health of so many people and, to be honest, it left me feeling pretty helpless.”

MHFA qualifications

Jo wanted to make sure people felt supported and cared for during tough times and decided to arrange for some specialist training through Mental Health First Aid England.

The team of TH March employees have now been awarded their MHFA qualification and are ready to help whenever they are needed. They have been taught how to listen in a non-judgemental way and break down barriers for people who are struggling with a range of different issues.

With this latest scheme, plus the Employee Assistance Programmes available to all TH March staff, our employees can feel fully supported. By maintaining a healthy workplace, we can continue to provide the best possible specialist advice to our customers.

Jo said: “I’m very grateful to these volunteers for putting themselves forward. I’ve been amazed by the response we’ve had and the commitment people have shown.”

Colleague to colleague support

Audrey Smith, a secretary and personal assistant based in our Glasgow office, volunteered to be a Mental Health First Aider because she wanted to be there for her colleagues.

She said: “Mental health affects us all in some way, either directly or indirectly, and should be given the same importance as our physical health. I would like to be able to offer support to my colleagues by providing a safe space for them to talk and be listened to without judgement or fear.”

Charlotte Allan, based in our National Service Centre, lost a close family member last year and wanted to use her personal experience to help others. She said: “I wanted to learn how to help people when they feel alone and not sure who they can speak to about their problems.”

Protecting and enriching lives

TH March will soon celebrate its 135th anniversary – and incredible milestone. As a company we have grown so much, becoming the leading elite insurance broker of choice for our customers, partners and the business community.

But we’re also a respected employer. We look after the people who work for us and support each other while we strive to achieve the highest possible standards.

We recently launched our Vision, Mission and Values. This bold statement encapsulates our ethos as a company. It includes our commitment to protecting and enriching the lives of employees, along with our customers, partners and business communities.

Having our dedicated team of Mental Health First Aiders, as well as well as our Employee Assistance Programmes available to all TH March staff, means we can continue to work together through whatever challenges lay ahead.

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