Engagement rings for same-sex couples: Making new traditions

Engagement rings and buying patterns have changed since same-sex marriage became legal. In the UK, nearly 7,000 same-sex marriages took place and over 800 civil partnerships were converted to marriages in 2018.

From LGBTQ+ jewellers to engagement ring insurance, same-sex couples’ contributions to the wedding economy are changing the jewellery industry. Whether you want to stick to traditions or make your own, we’ve highlighted some of these changes.


Same-sex engagement rings

In the modern-day, fewer couples are sticking to tradition. This is particularly the case with same-sex marriages. Some of the oldest traditions just don’t fit.

So, who will propose to who? After that, will you need one or two engagement rings? Which ring or hand will you wear the ring on?

Do you both want an engagement ring? Typically, jewellers will offer rings in pairs. One ‘feminine’ ring that’s thin and sparkly and one ‘masculine’ ring that’s wide and plain. This just doesn’t fit everybody and particularly not same-sex couples.

Perhaps both of you would like a diamond ring or you’re simply after a unisex pair? These Couple Rings from Bulgari have a unisex style. This means they would easily suit a same-sex couple.

Do you have different styles? It might be best to buy two engagement rings separately. Tiffany offers both men’s and women’s engagement rings in their own style. Pamela Love has lots of unisex engagement rings, as well as Anna Sheffield and Lance James.


Changes to the jewellery industry

LGBTQ+ jewellers offer couples that both want an engagement ring plenty of options. Many jewellers choose to sell online instead of in-store. This shift in the jewellery industry comes from studies that found same-sex couples prefer ring shopping online.

Queensmith offers a whole collection of unisex, gay and lesbian engagement rings. They also make it clear that they welcome members of the LGBTQ+ community on their website.

Woolton & Hewitt is a gay-owned and operated specialist LGBTQ+ jeweller. They offer four collections of engagement rings and a variety of wedding rings.

Stephen Einhorn jewellers were the first website to have a dedicated gay and lesbian wedding section back in 1997. Today, they still have lots of rings to choose from. They have jewellery for traditional tastes and tastes that are a little more out there.

Brighton is unofficially referred to as the gay capital of England. Therefore, Jeremy Hoye, a Brighton-based jeweller, has become popular amongst the LGBTQ+ community. These selections are perfect if you want engagement rings and wedding rings designed to fit together but separately.


Wear it with Pride

With Pride Month taking place in June every year, this might be the month you plan to propose. If that’s the case, what better way to show your pride than with rainbow gemstone jewellery?

Pomellato’s Maxi Iconica Colour ring features gems in all shapes, sizes and colours of the rainbow. Let your partner know they bring joy to your life with this fun piece. Similarly, the eternity ring from Luis Morais also features multi-coloured stones but in a more muted, edgy style.

On the other hand, this ring with colourful gemstones from Faberge would be perfect for a more traditional look. Featuring a hidden ruby inside the band, it’s a great choice for partners who love surprises.


Alternatives to engagement rings      

Interestingly, a study revealed that 81% of gay men didn’t purchase engagement rings. Instead, they bought other gifts and then rings for the wedding.

What better way to show you’re committed to your person than gifting this pendant from Piaget? This pendant features a rose gold turning ring above a vibrant green gem. This moving ring can stand for a turning point in your life making it ideal to celebrate such a happy occasion.

Birthstone jewellery is a unique way to show your partner you care. Jewellery with your partner’s initials can have the same effect as this alphabet jewellery from Dolce & Gabbana showcases.

The Love Bracelet from Cartier has a closure with two functional screws placed on either side. It comes with a screwdriver meaning you need help to open or close it. It’s a unique but interesting feature. Why not buy one for yourself and your partner to show you’ll always be there for each other?

Finally, are you keen to be sustainable with your nuptials? For Brilliant Earth, sustainability is at the heart of what they do. In addition, they have a section for same-sex engagement rings and same-sex wedding rings.


Engagement ring insurance

The jewellery industry is certainly shifting. Traditions are changing. Now, same-sex engagement rings and same-sex wedding rings are increasingly sought after. So, same-sex couples’ jewellery providers are helping LGBTQ+ couples to celebrate their love.

Just looking at a beautiful piece of jewellery can remind you of the day you said, ‘I do’. That’s why it’s important to keep your jewellery safe for years to come. With the best jewellery, you need the best ring insurance. So, investing in engagement ring insurance or jewellery insurance can guarantee their safety.

When you insure your engagement rings, wedding rings or other fine jewellery with TH March, you’re protected. We cover theft, loss, and accidental damage. So, if you’re looking to marry your partner and want to keep the rings safe. Above all, we can advise you on the best ring insurance for your needs— just get in touch.

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