Jewellery Insurance: Advice on how to protect the things you love

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‘Since 1887 we have been looking after the UK jewellery trade and its customers. You could say that protecting precious possessions is in our company DNA!’

If you are privileged enough to own a high-value home, art, antiques or treasured jewellery, you’ll want to protect them in the best way possible.

Whether it’s a house filled with antiques and works of art, your precious engagement ring or the diamond earrings you inherited for your grandmother, experience shows that expertly arranged home, contents and personal jewellery insurance is without doubt the only choice if you want to safely protect the things you love.

Many people think that a policy providing automatic insurance cover up to a certain level for your home and contents, with an add-on for jewellery or other special items, is sufficient. This is not always the case, so to ensure you get the level of cover you actually need, it’s best that you discuss your insurance needs with an expert.

Think back to when you took out your existing insurance for your jewellery. Were you asked to supply a valuation certificate from your jeweller? Was the exact colour, cut and clarity of your gemstones certified? If the items need repairing or replacing, does the policy allow you to use your own jeweller (particularly important for bespoke designer pieces)? If you are unfortunate and lose something of value, will you get a like-for-like replacement and will your claim be settled quickly and efficiently? Does your insurance cover you for loss or damage when travelling abroad?

Having the right cover and insuring for the correct value will help avoid unnecessary stress if you ever need to make a claim. For these reasons, there is no substitute for getting good advice from an insurance professional with years of experience in the industry and with a reputation you can trust – that’s why so many people turn to TH March when it comes to insuring their most prized belongings.

Neil McFarlane, Managing Director of TH March Chartered Insurance Brokers
Neil McFarlane, Managing Director of TH March Chartered Insurance Brokers

The company’s MD, Neil McFarlane says. ‘TH March is famous for insuring jewellery. We work in partnership with all the major UK jewellery trade organisations (we are their brokers). I’m proud to say that many thousands of jewellers and their customers choose us to protect their jewellery, as well as their homes, businesses, health, finances, travel and much more.

‘Since the company was established in 1887, by Thomas H March, the son of a diamond merchant, we have amassed a wealth of knowledge when it comes to insurance – there isn’t much in this business that we don’t know about. And I feel honoured that, 130 years later, TH March is still the number one choice for people and companies looking to protect their valuables.’

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