The Immigration Skills Charge

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The Immigration Skills Charge becomes effective on 6th April 2017. This charge will increase the cost of sponsoring Tier 2 workers for employers across the United Kingdom.

The Skills Charge

The Immigration Skills Charge will require employers to pay £1,000 per year for every migrant they employ under a Tier 2 sponsorship certificate. A reduced fee of £364 applies to small businesses and charitable organisations.

Employers will be required to pay this fee in advance. The Department of Education has been charged with using the funds that proceed from the Immigration Skills Charge to finance apprenticeship and training programmes for UK workers.

The objective behind the fee and the apprenticeship and training programmes is to help British workers fill job vacancies in the United Kingdom in order to reduce British reliance on migrant workers.

Affected Workers

The charge affects sponsorships of workers that come from outside of the European Economic Area (EEA). Specifically, it applies to non-EEA workers who work in the United Kingdom under a Tier 2 Intra-company transfer (ICT) or a Tier 2 General permit.


The charge specifically excludes:

  • Tier 2 workers already in the United Kingdom before 6th April 2017 who extend their stays or change jobs or employers;
  • Tier 2 ICT graduate trainees;
  • Tier 2 workers in a specified Ph.D. level occupation;
  • Tier 4 students changing status to Tier 2 General; and
  • Family members of Tier 2 migrants.

More Information

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