That precious item in your jewellery box – when was the last time you had it valued?

Watch T H March’s animated film to find out why.

The UK’s leading jewellery insurance experts, T H March have today launched an animated film aimed at explaining exactly why expert jewellery valuations are needed when insuring valuable jewellery and watches.

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John Watson, Andrew Alcock and Jackie Ember – part of the in-house animation team.

The animation can be viewed as a standalone three and a half minute film or as three separate shorter films that focus on specific questions such as: Why do I need a Jewellery or Watch Insurance Valuation? How will a Jewellery or Watch Insurance Valuation benefit me? Now I have a Jewellery or Watch Insurance Valuation, what should I do next?

T H March’s Managing Director, Neil McFarlane said:

“When a customer needs to make a claim on their policy, as insurance brokers we always want the process to be as quick and easy as possible for them. An accurate valuation is priceless because it means we’ll already have all the information we need to be able to arrange for the replacement of a treasured item, usually with the customer’s chosen jeweller, very quickly. This is particularly important with bespoke designer pieces and it makes the whole process far less stressful for the person in their hour of need.

“We have used this short animation to explain in a fun and accessible way, the reasons why a valuation is so important when it comes to insuring valuable personal jewellery and watches. Delivering information visually makes it far easier for people to take in and remember and it will also be a useful resource for our referring jewellers to use when they are trying to explain the need for valuations to their customers.”

The project was the idea of T H March’s Chief Operating Officer, Andrew Alcock, who was actively involved in all phases from the initial concept, scripting and editing. He was ably assisted by an in-house team of T H March staff, (who even provided the voice-over artist) working in partnership with digital marketing agency Bluestone 360 who did the artwork and animation.

Watch the animation now to learn all about valuations.

  • Why do I need a Jewellery or Watch Insurance Valuation? (Part 1)
  • How will a Jewellery or Watch Insurance Valuation benefit me? (Part 2)
  • Now you have a Jewellery or Watch Insurance Valuation - What to do next? (Part 3)
  • (FULL VIDEO) Why do I need Jewellery valuation?