As workplace technology continues to evolve, organisations across industry lines have begun digitising their operations with e-commerce. In fact, recent data found that the UK ranks as one of the top three largest e-commerce markets in the world, totalling over £80 billion in annual online sales. And although offering digital transactions provides numerous benefits—more efficient […]

As a result of continued political uncertainty and a decrease in global demand, recent data found that factory output in the UK manufacturing industry has dropped at the fastest rate in seven years. These record-low results have the potential to cause significant financial concerns across the sector in the coming months. Consider the following guidance to control […]

Especially in the manufacturing sector, industry technology is constantly evolving—making it crucial for your organisation to stay on top of the latest advancements. Indeed, a recent survey conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers revealed that UK manufacturers expect to experience a 10 per cent revenue boost in the next five years from Industry 4.0 initiatives. And as your […]

While cyber-incidents of any form are a rising concern for organisations in the UK, recent research revealed that a specific type of attack is escalating at an alarming rate: ransomware. This malicious software typically invades a victim’s device through disguised downloads or email attachments, disables the device’s anti-malware software and lays dormant until activated by […]

Combating crime seems to be a never ending battle and a good business will be constantly reviewing its security arrangements. This will often include changes to alarm systems however changes recommended by alarm companies may not be acceptable to Insurers and there have been a couple of instances where Insurance Companies have not accepted the […]

Microsoft, a top software provider for both individuals and businesses, recently announced plans to discontinue support to several of their major products as part of an effort to invest in newer technologies and services. This change – which will take part on 14th January 2020 – will affect the following products: Windows Server 20018 and 2008 […]

Although workplace injuries are extremely common, recent research found that just 45 per cent of employees receive first aid training. Review these tips for five common injuries to ensure that you’re able to provide first aid in the event of an emergency: Unresponsive or lack of breathing Check for breathing by tilting the head back, […]

It’s Getting Harder to Secure PI Cover in the Construction Sector: What You Can Do In the midst of various large-scale catastrophes over the past few years in the UK construction industry – including the Grenfell tragedy, Carillion’s financial collapse and a range of damaging natural disasters at the hands of climate change – a […]

While ‘island hopping’ might come across as a fun and tropical activity to try during your next holiday, this term carries a far more negative connotation in the realm of cyber-attacks. Indeed, island hopping refers to a data breach technique that occurs when cyber-criminals infiltrate smaller organisations – such as human resources, marketing or health […]

Today’s evolving risk landscape contains a wide range of intangible threats-cyber attacks, broken supply chains and the mental health of your employees, to name a few that all have the potential to cause noticeable business interruption within your organisation. In fact, recent research found that 20 per cent of organisations feel ill-prepared for unforeseen events […]