With only five months remaining until Brexit takes place on 29th March 2019, the UK and EU have yet to establish a proper withdrawal agreement. This leaves the possibility for a no-deal scenario to occur, forcing the UK to become a third country and lack any framework for a future relationship with the EU. And […]

The use of laptop computers simplifies work, improving workplace mobility, quality and productivity overall. However, overuse of laptops can increase your chance of injury. For example, prolonged laptop use – the kind of use that often occurs in the workplace – can lead to eyestrain, muscle and joint pain, and shoulder, arm, wrist and hand […]

On 29th October 2018, Phillip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer, delivered the 2018 Budget, his third budget as chancellor and the last before Brexit hits. Hammond declared that the budget is aimed at helping ‘hard-working families, the strivers, the grafters and the carers’. In addition, Hammond’s budget supported Theresa May’s earlier statements by telling the […]

Cyber security researchers announced the discovery of two major security flaws that could allow hackers to bypass regular security measures and obtain normally inaccessible data. They’re called Meltdown and Spectre, and they’re both caused by design flaws found in nearly all modern processors. Hackers can exploit these vulnerabilities to access all of the data found […]

The Met Office recently announced storm names for 2018-2019, meaning flood season is officially here and set to make waves across the UK once again. In recent years, the threat of flooding has increased significantly, and these rough waters don’t appear to be leaving anytime soon. In fact, the Met Office predicted climate change potentially […]

Although clicking on and responding to emails in the workplace is a common practice, recent research revealed it’s also a top cyber-security concern. Indeed, among the methods cyber-criminals use to attack organisations, social engineering scams and ransomware are on the rise. Social engineering scams,  such as email attacks and phishing scams, accounted for over 25 […]

It can be difficult to avoid getting ill at work, particularly if you work in close quarters. While you may not be able to avoid germs altogether, these tips can help reduce your risk of getting sick: Wash your hands. Germs can cling to many surfaces in the workplace, including lift buttons, doorknobs and refrigerator doors. […]

Recently you may have seen a SaferGems alert about an attempt to pass off a man-made moissanite as a natural diamond. This is unfortunately not a rare occurrence. Consider this; if one was brought to your business, would you be able to spot a moissanite masquerading as a diamond? Do you know what to look […]

The Met Office recently issued a yellow & amber warning for the western side of the United Kingdom after discovering that Storm Ali is headed in that direction. Gale-force winds are the most common cause of damage to property in the United Kingdom. Although the majority of damage reports come from domestic dwellings, businesses also need […]

In the past 25 years, the average number of sick days taken by employees has dropped by nearly 50 per cent, according to the Office for National Statistics. 2017 totalled the lowest number to date, with employees taking an average of 4.1 sick days. Don’t celebrate just yet. Although sick days are low, the concern […]