Business Insurance: Claims Guidance

Please read below for guidance should you suffer an emergency whilst we are closed for the Christmas break and need to make a claim.

If you have a commercial insurance policy with us, your policy may have emergency telephone numbers to cover certain situations. Please check your policy first to see if this is the case.

If you have a Jewellers’ Block policy with us, you can access a list of emergency contact numbers here.

For anything else, should you suffer a loss or damage, please ensure that you take any necessary temporary steps to make your property secure and to prevent any further loss or damage occurring. Any accidental losses away from the business address or any theft should be immediately reported to the police.

Whilst we can offer no guarantees about what an insurer will pay for, we will always ask an insurer to consider paying the cost of any reasonable steps that have been taken to prevent further damage occurring that would normally be expected to be covered by the policy. This will not normally extend to any improvements you may make. For example, if you experience a burst pipe, do not hesitate in calling a plumber to stop any leak. Some work carried out by a plumber may be covered by your policy but, generally, the cost of repairing a leak is not. If there is chance of further damage occurring if prompt action is not taken; for example, water damaged goods/possessions getting worse if they are left wet, please seek advice from a professional drying company about appropriate steps that may need to be taken.

In some cases, a permanent repair may be easier and more cost-effective than a temporary repair followed by a permanent repair.

Please make contact with us as soon as possible when we are open again so we may provide further guidance.