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Do you know anyone with children under four? Mum and Dad can get some free life cover. This is a way of Aviva getting parents to take the first steps to protecting their families and it’s free.

£15,000 Free life Cover for Parents of Young Children From Aviva

At a time when your responsibilities are growing, it’s important to protect your family’s financial future in the best way you can. Aviva’s offer can give you a helping hand towards this at no cost to you. A young child is expensive, just the price of the nappies can cost a small fortune. No-one likes to think about the consequences if someone you love had to bring up your child alone. Aviva’s life cover will help ensure your family could manage should the unthinkable happen.

Basically, the offer is each parent (who applies) will receive £15,000 of free life cover per child under four for one year. The plan pays out £15,000 if a parent dies within the year of cover. If both parents apply for the cover, this could mean £15,000 of life cover for each parent per child. It’s easy to apply, no payment is needed and Aviva won’t request your bank account or credit card details.

Taking the First Step

We would be pleased to have a chat with you or anyone who is interested about this important step towards greater peace of mind and show you how simple it is to accept this unique offer. Terms and conditions apply but we can talk these through with you.

Give Marc Bohanna or Steven Clemence a call on 01822 855555

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