Committed to being a Menopause-Friendly Employer

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We're committed to being a Menopause-Friendly  Employer and Workplace

TH March Group are pleased to announce we are now recognised as: Committed to being a Menopause Friendly Employer. This accreditation from HenPicked is industry recognised as the mark of excellence and the start of our accreditation planning journey.

Putting equity, diversity, inclusion, and our colleagues’ wellbeing centre stage further demonstrates our dedication to making our organisation a great place to work.

Our “Menopause Friendly Employer” badge and membership helps everyone understand what best practice looks like and makes it easier to achieve it. 

To be menopause-friendly, TH March has put in place a policy alongside training and awareness protocols for colleagues, addressing both physical and mental wellbeing considerations and considering any practical changes to the workplace environment. 

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Menopause Matters Group

TH March are now on their journey to become fully accredited as a Menopause Friendly Employer and are committed to achieving this over the next 12 months.

To begin our journey, the internal TH March “Menopause Matters Group” started in October 2022 and has since held virtual meetings to discuss and share experiences plus accelerating change in menopause in the workplace best practice. 

We also invite guest speakers from MenoHealth, HenPicked and other organisations to virtual drop-in sessions held every 8 weeks. All staff are welcome to join.

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Employees feedback

Recent attendees from the internal TH March “Menopause Matters Group” have commented:

“Until these sessions I have felt so alone, isolated and felt like I was going out of my mind. The sessions have helped my mental health massively being able to be open and honest and freely speak about what felt so taboo.”

“The Menopause Matters sessions give you a safe place to discuss and try and understand what is happening to you, because believe me no-one can really prepare you for this happening as it affects us all differently. The sessions discuss different symptoms and things that you never thought happened with the menopause and you can’t explain why you are feeling like you do, you find out others are also suffering, and they are yet another symptom. I feel better for attending the session and letting others know what I have gone through. Thank you to the TH March for arranging these.”

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