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Insurance cover to meet the specific challenges faced by the Pawnbroking trade

TH March is the appointed insurance broker to the National Pawnbrokers Association and many of our staff members have over 20 years’ experience in dealing with members and their insurances.

Our deep understanding of the trade and longstanding relationships with insurers means that TH March has been able to develop specialist insurance policies to address the unique needs of pawnbrokers.

With our network of six offices spread strategically across the country, we are in your area to help.

Whether you need advice on insurance and the covers provided and available or more general advice on security and protecting your business, you can rest assured that your dedicated Account Executive will be able to give you expert advice.

With ever-increasing demands on pawnbrokers to provide finance to the public, there’s no better time to consider our best value cover.

We first became the appointed Insurance Brokers to the National Association of Goldsmiths in Great Britain and Ireland in 1906, the British Jewellers Association in 1967 (who have now formed as the National Association of Jewellers) and latterly the National Pawnbrokers Association in 2006.

As Chartered Insurance Brokers our broking expertise allows us to offer you a wide range of insurance products and services and enables us to provide best value cover. We work closely with insurers and underwriters to ensure claims are handled promptly and efficiently.

With the ever-increasing demands on the pawnbroker to provide finance to the general public, there is no better time to consider just what implications the pawnbroker could incur in the event of pledged goods not being able to be returned to their owners.

The TH March Jewellers’ Block Policy can be extended to include all pledged goods, whether current, unredeemed, or taken in as buy back. This is not only to protect the pawnbroker but also to include customer compensation, based on a multiple of the loan, for the express benefit of the customer.


About our policies

Our Pawnbroker specific policies can be extended to include the following specialist covers:

  • Current Pledges – Loan amount plus lost interest (normally 25%)
  • Unredeemed Pledges/Private Treaty – Loan amount plus lost interest (normally 75%)
  • Buy Backs – Buy-in price plus lost interest (up to 30%)
  • Customer Compensation – You can offer your customer compensation based on a multiple of the loan, being either a sum equal to the amount of the loan, twice the loan or three times the loan. This enables you to maintain your relationship with your customer. (This does not apply to buy backs)
  • Cheque Cashing – The cost of reconstituting the cheques in the event of loss or damage

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T H March has been arranging insurance for the jewellery trade longer than any other broker in the UK. We have over 130 years of experience in the business.