Antique and Vintage Jewellery


Perhaps you’ve had a piece of jewellery given to you by a relative, maybe a treasured engagement ring, or much-admired brooch, who had that item given to them, from someone who bought the piece a long time ago, perhaps at an antiques fair?  Could your precious jewellery item be vintage or antique?

According to the Antique Jewellery Company, if an item is older than one hundred years it would be classed as antique.  Your ring or necklace or brooch or tie pin would have been bought before 1920, and would include items bought in the Art Nouveau (1890-1910), Edwardian – or, La Belle Epoque – (1901-1914), Victorian (1839-1901) or Georgian (1714-1830) periods.

Any item that is over 50 years old would be classed as vintage in the UK jewellery trade, which would mean your engagement ring, or necklace or brooch or tie pin, could be from any period in the Art Deco era (1920-1939) and up until the 1970s.

Whether you own an antique, vintage or modern jewellery piece, it is important to care for your item, and also to preserve its place in history, according to Gatsby Jewellery.  A professional jeweller specialising in antique or vintage items will be able to offer information on how to care for your piece, and would offer this professional service for you, as well as being able to resize rings or bracelets, or create a new item of jewellery.  It is also important to have all jewellery items valued, whether antique, vintage or contemporary, by a jeweller who specialises in valuations or a Registered Valuer, as the value of metal and gemstones can change over time.