Building Your Statement Jewellery Collection: New and Re-Loved Pieces


Wearing statement jewellery can be a fantastic way of showing off your individual style. Whether it is contemporary or vintage, a high quality piece will add an eye-catching touch to any outfit. And from the newest catwalk trends to the rarest vintage finds, there is statement jewellery for every style and budget.

Buying habits

Research by the National Association of Jewellers reveals that sentimental purchases are most popular with jewellery lovers. An emotional connection with a piece, for example an engagement ring or birthday present, remains the most important reason for buying jewellery. In fact, romance and love are the most popular motivators underpinning purchases for both men and women.

However, the research also found that women in particular are likely to treat themselves to complete an outfit or create a certain look. That will often mean selecting a piece of statement jewellery.

Statement jewellery on the catwalk

According to Harper’s Bazaar, the top five catwalk jewellery trends of the past year all embraced stunning, bright and beautiful styles that celebrate individuality, often in a fun way. From oversized single earrings, to sparkling gems and florals, bolder means better for the season’s top pieces.

If you want to complete your look with the latest statement jewellery, then consider these for your collection:

  • Colourful jewellery, gemstones, beading, bright florals, and mismatched colours.
  • A statement-making single earring.
  • Oversized beaded and sparkly chains.
  • Pearls set in everything from single drop earrings to layered necklaces and headpieces.
  • Oversized hoops.

Making a statement with re-loved jewellery

Re-loved jewellery is attractive to many of today’s consumers who are searching for a statement piece. Some are drawn to vintage items because they are aware of the environmental issues surrounding fast fashion. Others are attracted to the style of a particular era, such as the bold Art Deco designs of the 1920s and 30s or delicate beauty of the Belle Époque period of the late 19th and early 20th century. It is little wonder then that vintage jewellery is as popular ever.

High value costume jewellery can be a good investment

The fashion for costume jewellery began when new non-precious materials became more widely available. Since then, it has been used by women as a way to express their individuality. It grew in popularity in the 1920s after fashion doyen Coco Chanel began creating statement pieces, which launched the style’s ‘golden age’.

The jewellery was also given a touch of glamour and charm in the 1950s when the likes of Jackie Onassis, Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn wore statement costume jewellery.

With a better value price point, costume jewellery has been made for almost 300 years and follows wider fashion trends with designers using less expensive materials to produce eye-catching creations. While it may not include precious gems, high quality costume jewellery can be high value. If your chosen item is signed by a coveted designer or is accompanied by records proving its history, for example, it could be an excellent investment.

To fit with the trends for big, bold pieces, vintage statement jewellery could be the perfect choice. And whether you wear a dazzling diamond ring or a beaded necklace, make it bright, make it bold and make a statement.

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