Christmas Gifts For Her This Festive Season


A high quality piece of jewellery would be a great choice for a Christmas present and could really add some sparkle this Christmas.

Finding the perfect gift for someone special is a rewarding process. But where do you start? Here, we show you how to bring a touch of magic and sparkle to her Christmas this year, whoever you’re choosing a present for.

Jewellery offers a wealth of ways to show the woman in your life that you care, and a timeless piece will be cherished forever. Let us help you work out the best options.

Whats her style?

Before you even start looking, it’s important to get the basics right. Does the woman you’re buying a gift for like to make a statement, or is she happy to be understated?

Think about the woman in your life: what she wears and when, plus any favourite colours and styles. This might involve a little detective work. Take a picture of her jewellery box, chat to her friends, look out for any photographs she might post on social media or if she’s particularly fashion conscious, check out what her favourite designers are modelling.

Pendants and pearls are in fashion right now and come together rather beautifully in this Diamond and Mother-of-pearl Circle Pendant by Tiffany (£2,375).

Chunky chains and bracelets are also popular, like this one from Anita Ko, priced £5,532.

If it’s more of a classic gift you’re after, you can’t go wrong with a girl’s best friend. Diamond necklaces will never go out of style but you could go for one with a modern twist, like this Ball ‘n Chain diamond necklace from Jessica McCormack (£19,900)

Metals matter

Many of us have preferred metals when it comes to jewellery, so make sure you know if it’s simply got to be white gold, silver or purely platinum. Remember, you’re buying for someone else, so put your preferences to one side and enjoy broadening your horizons.

There are some really special colours and textures out there, such as this Fabergé Treillage Brushed Rose Gold and Multicoloured Gemstone Set ring from Chisholm Hunter (£2, 280).

Make it personal

 A fail-safe way of showing that you’ve put plenty of thought into your gift is to get a piece engraved. It adds another layer of meaning, whether it’s a necklace, bangle or ring.

You could also choose a piece of jewellery that’s decorated with her birthstone.

Watch and learn

 A watch is a great, go-to gift idea. It’s personal, practical and if you choose the right one, it can last for generations. Again, choose a piece that reflects her style and acts as an accompaniment to other jewellery and accessories.

The three gem-set, colourful versions of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 36 is a really rare and special find or else Chanel’s Premiere Electro (£5,200) is part of their capsule collection.

Consider whether a bracelet or strap style would work best for her, how durable it needs to be and whether she wants a statement timepiece or an everyday look.

Is it ethical?

There’s a growing movement towards investing in more ethical fashion and that includes jewellery. Spend time looking into how your jewellery gift is made, or where it’s sourced – especially when it comes to diamonds.

Broadly speaking, ethical jewellery has no negative impact on the people who make it, or the environment it’s produced in.

There are a growing number of ethical jewellery producers out there, including some UK-based companies, such as Alice Gwyneth Jewellery, Shyla and Ingle and Rhode.

Protect your perfect gift

Once you’ve bought that perfect present, the protection and peace of mind provided by our jewellery and watch insurance is the ideal accessory.