Dad Jewellery Perfect for Any Occasion – Our Ideas Guide


It’s not always easy knowing what to buy your dad, but one thing’s for sure – you want the gift to show him just how much you care. Dad jewellery is the ideal way to express your love for your father. Choosing jewellery adds a personal touch to a present for dad, showing him that you’ve put thought into selecting something he’ll enjoy wearing or that has sentimental meaning for you both.

The gift of jewellery can convey emotion between a child and their parent, and we have plenty of inspirational ideas to help you pick the perfect piece. Whether you want to treat your father to a high-end item of jewellery, show him your heart with a personalised piece or find him an accessory that he’ll want to wear every day, our comprehensive list is ready and waiting to find the right jewellery for dad for any occasion.

Jewellery for Dad  

There’s no denying it. Women are far more likely to be the recipient of a gift of jewellery than a man. But we think that should change! Jewellery has long been associated with love and respect, and if those are the messages you want to convey when gifting your dad – say it with jewellery.

A beautiful piece of jewellery makes a dad feel very special and can boost his confidence too. Whether he wears it in the workplace, out to a formal event, or simply shows it off to his friends and family – a stunning item of jewellery chosen by his child will make him feel like a million dollars.

You don’t have to blow the budget to buy your dad jewellery that’ll melt his heart. If you can find a piece that’s steeped in memories, meaning or emotions, he’ll never want to take it off.

Showing you Care  

Father’s Day jewellery is the perfect example of the right time to show him you care with a thoughtfully chosen accessory. This day allows you to celebrate the father-child bond, and there’s no better occasion to pick a piece of jewellery full of sentiment.

Or how about a handsome bracelet or chain for dad’s birthday or Christmas this year? If you’ve run out of present ideas relating to his hobbies, interest or favourite tipple, why not surprise him and spoil him with jewellery?

We often give the men in our family jewellery as a milestone gift, such as when they turn eighteen and graduate from college or university. Keep that tradition and commemorate the moments in his life that make your heart swell. Show him how proud you are of a promotion at work, an achievement in his personal life, or celebrate that long-awaited retirement with a gift of dad jewellery.

Finding the Right Gift 

We all have individual tastes when it comes to jewellery. But, knowing your dad well and seeing the style he likes, you’re in a great position to make an excellent decision when buying him the right jewellery. But to help you, you should narrow down what type of jewellery you’d like to buy him.

A watch is an absolute classic and feels like a true sign of respect. You can get the back engraved, and with various straps, case metals and face styles, you’ll have no problem finding one that screams ‘my dad!’

If your dad enjoys wearing rings, why not push his fashion boundaries a little and buy him a modern ring that will remind him of your every time he sees it? An inscription inside the band allows you to make it all the more sentimental.

Think about a trendy leather bracelet or necklace for the young dad or the dad who’s still young at heart. If that’s not his style, a classic chain for his wrist or neck in his favourite precious metal will show him how much you value all he does for you. 

Cufflinks, like a watch, can make a dad feel cherished. There’s a cufflink design to suit every personality, and you’ll adore knowing that your gift will always be with him whenever he’s attending a special event in his best suit. 

16 Dad Jewellery Pieces for 2023

From high-street chains to small independent jewellers, there is a treasure trove of dad jewellery to explore. From trending themes to personalised pieces, we’ve got gifting for dads covered. Explore our 16 jewellery ideas and find inspiration for an item your dad will treasure forever. Whether you’re choosing a gift from children for a young dad or treating your dad as he enters his laid-back retirement years, 2023’s jewellery selection is packed with winning pieces.

The Mixed Metal and Two Tone Trend

Paris Fashion Week revealed a new trend in jewellery – the mixed metal and two-tone look. Simple but striking, two different metals or two contrasting tones of the same metal are used, adding interest without the need for gemstones or ornate designs.

If your father isn’t the type of man to want the twinkle of a diamond in his jewellery, choosing a mixed metal or two-tone piece for his collection will add a little pep.

For a lovely Father’s Day jewellery idea, why not consider a mixed metal design such as Lisa Angel’s Mixed Metal “Family” Bead Necklace? This item can be personalised with the names of your family members or you can get let the different colours of metal do the talking. Bead options include 18ct gold and 18ct rose gold, and a black coated metal that makes this piece feel more masculine.

If your dad enjoys wearing rings but prefers the pared-back accessorising style, this Zirconium & Gold Two Tone Ring from Crystelle Belle would be well received as a special gift. Understated with its flat court profile, the black zirconium allows this ring to work well with business and formal attire, while the highly polished 9ct gold edging adds tonal warmth and interest. 

If you have a modern dad who isn’t afraid to push the boundaries, why not embrace the mixed metal theme with these Double Barrel Cufflinks by Aspinal of London? Crafted using sterling silver and then the beautifully contrasting gold vermeil, these cufflinks are full of character. Ideal for a celebratory occasion, your dad will always think of you when he fixes his shirt sleeves with these trendy accessories. 

Formal Watches to Light Up Dad’s Face

Any dad would be thrilled to receive a formal watch as a gift. Not only does it make an extra-special Christmas or birthday present, but it’s also the perfect choice when you’re celebrating an achievement or milestone in his life. 

Formal watches work well whatever your dad’s fashion style. These classic watches can be worn to work and formal events, but they also look uber-cool worn with more casual attire – which can be used to lift an outfit from daywear to nightwear. 

If you’re keen to go really classic, Existential in marble and gold from Holzkern meets the brief. From the Roman numerals on the dial to the elegant black leather strap, this mature timepiece will take pride of place on dad’s wrist.

For the snappy dresser who loves to accessorise with expertly created jewellery, the Breitling Premier B01 Chronograph 41 feels both classic and contemporary. With a stainless-steel casing and traditional alligator leather strap, this model feels every inch the traditional formal watch, only with a twist thanks to the striking salmon dial and modern typeface.

Are metal straps your dad’s style of choice in a watch? Although often a more expensive option for formal watches, there are models for under £200 that will make your dad feel like he’s wearing something extra-special. A watch that feels understated and elegant, the Timex Q Diver Chronograph feels decidedly mature, while its striking blue dial and star detailing adds flair.

Make it Personal

Dad jewellery that you can personalise allows you to speak from the heart with both your jewellery choice and your message. Posh Totty Design’s Personalised Men’s Luxury Silver Tag Necklace is made using sterling silver, and the smaller pendant size makes it the perfect chain for dads who prefer discreet jewellery. Add your date of birth, name or a short message to allow him to carry you close to his heart whenever he wears it.

A fitting bracelet for younger dads and those with a casual style, the Personalised Silver Washer Bracelet from Morgan and French is hip and quirky. This item makes a great accessory for relaxed daywear, from the adjustable leather band to the personalised silver washer.

Shine Bright

Although in the past, the colours and dazzling cuts of precious gems were most often used in jewellery designed with women in mind, today, everyone enjoys the natural wonders of precious stones and crystals. Although not every dad will want a jewellery piece that offers a touch of sparkle, for those who like this look, jewellers have stepped up their game thanks to the rise in demand for unisex jewellery. Swarovski’s Millenia Square Cut Bracelet with Grey Crystal in Black Ruthenium demonstrates how well stones are being used in dad jewellery in 2023.

Part of the brand’s Millenia collection, the bracelet’s bold grey colour palette is accentuated by the square cut of the crystals. A great piece for eveningwear and formal attire, your dad will love this unique Swarovski creation. Made with stones such as pink sapphire, yellow citrine, amethyst and sapphires, this Rainbow Gemstones Bracelet from the Diamond Store would make a meaningful gift for fathers who belong to or are an ally of the LGBTQ community.

If you love the thought of buying your dad some diamond jewellery, this budget-friendly option offers a wholly wearable ring that provides just a pinch of diamond sparkle. Ruby and Oscar’s Men’s Diamond Classic Ring in 9ct White Gold could easily be personalised with a message of love to your dad.

Father Child Jewellery

In recent years, it has become popular on Father’s Day to buy father-daughter jewellery or father-son pieces that match, coordinate or depict the father-child relationship.

Charlotte Lowes’ Father of Two Necklace is a wonderful piece at just the right price point for pooling pocket money if younger children want to buy a gift for dad. Handmade in sterling silver and featuring oxidised detailing to create contrast, this sweet depiction of fatherhood is sure to be adored by the man whose proudest moment in life was becoming a dad.

Hurleyburley Man’s Personalised Father Daughter Bracelet set is a great way to celebrate the father-daughter relationship, while Little Star Jewellery offers a sweet but stylish option for fathers and young sons with their Daddy and Me Silver and Brown Leather Bracelet Set, which can also be personalised. 

Timeless Pieces

Though jewellery trends come and go, some key pieces stand the test of time. A beautiful cufflink set makes a precious but practical gift for your father. These Alice Made This Grafton Blasted Gold Cufflinks are a masterclass in simplicity, and their timeless appeal will allow your dad to wear them with a range of suit styles.

If your dad is never without a chain around his neck, why not mark a milestone birthday or a promotion at work with a stunning investment gold chain necklace? Rope chains continue to trend in 2023, and this 9ct Solid Gold 22″ Rope Chain from Gold Reserves Jewellers will become his new firm favourite. Your jewellery gift will always hold a special place in your dad’s heart. Special jewellery is about the sentiment and not just the money, but make sure your father keeps his pieces safe with personal Jewellery insurance. TH March has been protecting the country’s beloved jewellery for over 130 years, so give us a call today to find out how our knowledge and experience can keep your dad’s precious item safe.