Father’s Day Jewellery Gift Ideas for Every Budget


Jewellery for Father’s Day – is it the right gift for your dad? Nobody knows him better than you do, but finding a thoughtful gift each Father’s Day can still be tricky. Could jewellery be the answer? If your dad is an avid jewellery collector, show your appreciation with a hand-picked piece. Could Dad do with a fashion refresh? Give him some guidance with stylish bracelet, ring or necklace that will lift his look and boost his confidence. 

Our handy Father’s Day jewellery guide has a little something for every budget. Here, we’ll consider why it makes such a great gift, explore the best types of jewellery for your dad, and find out where to source them. Make Father’s Day extra special this year, even if you’re working with a small budget, with a thoughtful gift of jewellery.

Say it with jewellery this Father’s Day

We wouldn’t think twice about buying our mother’s jewellery, but it may not be our first port of call when thinking of a gift for Dad. Contemporary jewellery and a resurgence in the demand for vintage watches make it much easier to find “wearable” accessories that complement your dad’s aesthetic.

Receiving a gift of jewellery from your child feels poignant and meaningful. Your father will know you put time, effort and thought into choosing just the right piece. What’s more, this sentimental gift (unlike other popular Father’s Day offerings) will last a lifetime.

Types of jewellery for Dad 

If your dad enjoys wearing jewellery, follow his lead when it comes to choosing him jewellery for Father’s Day. Perhaps he’s never without a necklace or a ring. Take note of the type of jewellery he wears, then find a piece that reminds you of him. If he doesn’t tend to accessorise, make your first gift of jewellery subtle – a trendy leather bracelet or a handsome watch.

Materials matter. Stick to the precious metal you know your father wears, whether that’s a traditional yellow gold or a white metal like palladium, platinum or white gold. If he doesn’t accessorise, there are plenty of masculine materials within the modern jewellery landscape with universal appeal. Explore pieces crafted from carbon fibre, ceramic, titanium and tungsten, which come in attractive hues of grey and edgy black. 

Where to shop for men’s jewellery

If you’ve decided to spoil your dad with Father’s Day jewellery this year, the next step is finding the right jeweller. If you prefer to browse for gifts in person, head to the high street. The leading brand jewellers will cater to a range of budgets, and as Father’s Day approaches, you can explore their curated selections. Don’t neglect your local independent jewellers. From vintage finds to unique, bespoke pieces, you may find jewellery that feels more personal and sentimental when you head to an independent jeweller.

Online jewellery shopping has many benefits. Flexible, you can browse far and wide when you have time, and you’ll have far more options at your fingertips. Use your search engine wisely, streamlining your selection by understanding the type of jewellery, material and style he’d like. From high-end to recycled and pre-loved, you’ll find jewellery for Father’s Day that ticks all your boxes. Access fashion-forward designs for the trendy dad or track down a niche genre of artisanal jewellery with selling platforms like Etsy.

Our top ten Father’s Day jewellery ideas for every budget

As our top ten jewellery ideas illustrate, there really is attractive Father’s Day jewellery for every budget and every dad. From classic silhouettes to funky designs, find plenty of inspiration as you look for the perfect gift for Dad. 

The timeless gift of a watch

Watches are full of sentiment. Often gifted to mark a milestone, giving your dad a beautiful watch is a sign of respect he will genuinely appreciate.

Coming in at under £150, the minimalist wood design of the Carlos by Holzkern makes this budget-friendly watch ideal for both the rugged dad and the cool, contemporary dresser. 

 The Tissot Classic Dream will make Dad feel debonair with its classic brown leather strap, sleek dial and Roman numbers. Find this sophisticated dress watch for under £250.

Join together with your siblings and buy a high-performance sports watch. The Seiko 5 Sports Blueberry at £420 stands out for all the right reasons with its bold blue dial and durable stainless steel strap. 

Keep it classic with cufflinks

Make sure he always thinks of you when he’s finishing off his formal outfits with a set of beautiful cufflinks. 

For the dad who loves his designer labels, these understated polished zinc cufflinks by Hugo Boss are less than £50.

If witty designs resonate with your dad, he’ll be tickled by these Jean Pierre Black Dial cufflinks with their fun and functional clockfaces, coming in at £85.

For the traditionalist, the Elliot gold cufflinks by Alice Made This look effortlessly chic for £140. 

Look to leather

Father’s Day bracelets and necklaces crafted from leather make a stylish adornment for the trendy dads. A great introductory piece for men who tend not to accessorise, these durable pieces are often reasonably priced and always full of charm.

If a little one is keen to buy Daddy a gift from their piggy bank, this uber-cool black leather and steel bracelet is only £10.99 from Philip Jones Jewellery.

At £35, Unique & Co’s double leather bracelet boasts a black shrimp clasp with brown leather braiding for a laid-back look that Dad can rock at the weekend.

For an earthy leather Father’s Day necklace that he can wear on your next family beach holiday, gift him the bohemian Tahitian Baroque Pearl and Leather necklace from the Pearl Source, which costs under £180.

A statement ring

Father’s Day rings are an excellent gift for the dad who likes to make a statement with his jewellery. A diminutive ring that packs a punch on the style front can elevate his look and express his personality.

Say more for less with this Danish-designed Len moss agate statement ring from Trendhim Accessories at under £30.

Full of personality and movement, the Silver Wave at £75 from Wolf & Badger is crafted from sterling silver.

If you’re coming together to buy Dad a joint Father’s Day present, pay homage to his fun fashion flair with the cheeky Thomas Sabo Rebel at Heart Kingdom Crown Ring, available at Ruby & Oscar for under £280.

Back to black

Men’s jewellery in evocative graphite shades is making ripples in the fashion world. From the subtle to the standout, black jewellery can make a welcome addition to Dad’s jewellery collection.

Update his chain collection with a contemporary black stainless steel lobster claw chain from Trendhim at a bargain price of £35.

For a Father’s Day Ring with organic undertones, turn to Holzkern’s Cartesian ring in black stainless steel, zebrawood and cork – available for under £80.

Set with an inky carbon fibre inlay, this minimalist stainless-steel bangle from Knights Jewellers at under £100 will finesse Dad’s casual weekend wear. 

A change of chain

If your father has worn the same chain for years, get ready to ring the changes with a handsome new design. 

If you’re working to a budget, for just £40, you can keep up his street credentials with a cool stainless steel rope chain from the Steel Shop.

Take it two-tone with a black and gold-hued steel chain necklace from Hugo Boss for £109.00

If your dad is a gold chain man, spoil him with a sophisticated 9ct solid gold curb chain from H Samuels for under £450.

Dare to be different

If your dad marches to the beat of his own drum in the style stakes, make sure your Father’s Day Jewellery can keep up with him.

If you followed the viral trend and asked your dad how often he thinks about the Roman Empire, these quirky Roman coin necklaces from Etsy make a quirky gift for Father’s Day, starting from £20.

Love him to the moon and back with this unusual, astral-inspired silver ring from Jeremy Hoye at £225.

Aligning with your father’s sense of humour and avant-garde fashion sense, AMBUSH Father’s Day necklaces are a match made in heaven. This Coca-Cola silver pendant necklace at £275 will make an unforgettable gift. 

Bring on the bracelets

Safely secured around his wrist, your dad can admire his Father’s Day bracelet from you every day. Bracelets are a fantastic way to push his fashion boundaries or to introduce him to the joys of wearing jewellery.

Tommy Hilfiger’s industrial Screws Stainless Steel Bracelet will sharpen Dad’s outfits at a budget-friendly £69

The Superset Hematite and Walnut Bracelet, also £69 from Holzkern, is surprisingly versatile with its warm, resinous tones. 

It’s a go for Gucci with this Interlocking Tag Chunky Silver Bracelet available from Chisholm Hunter at £265. Its chunky chain has plenty of impact at the wrist and works well with laid-back and smart casual attire.

Colour “pops”

Your beloved Pops will keep his look bright and breezy with a gift of colourful jewellery for Father’s Day. From a flash of vibrancy at the wrist to a sparkling necklace that catches the light and the eye, jewellery is guaranteed to add pep to any look.

The Green Nakuru bracelet from Wolf & Badger injects energy into any outfit. At £60, this bracelet will brighten Dad’s day and add character to his casual outfits. 

With pearls and hand-painted glass beads, this Men’s Pearl Necklace, £134 from Nialaya, embodies happiness. For the fashion-forward father, it can be worn with his casual gear or add an edge to a modern suit.

Remind your dad that he’s the sunshine in your life with the delightfully daffodil Sternglas Naos watch.

Next-level necklaces

Who better to take Dad’s aesthetic to the next level than you? Father’s Day necklaces are an excellent opportunity to hone his fashion sense and keep him current.  

Help your dad follow rose gold jewellery trends for men with Rico Rose-Gold Tone Necklace from Araki, £46 at Trendhim. If your dad is a fan of wearing soft greys and neutrals, rose gold is a great tone to add to his jewellery collection.

Choose something unique for Father’s Day, such as the Brier Cube Pendant from Silverwood, at under £120. Handcrafted from wood and silver, this necklace will always be a talking point.

If he means the world to you, the symbolism of Thomas Sabo’s Vintage Globe necklace will work a treat this Father’s Day. Under £150, this sleek necklace offers a two-tone vibe and a hint of sparkle thanks to a halo of zirconia stones around the globe pendant.

Elevate your gift 

Once you’ve found jewellery that you know your dad will wear with pride, why not spend some time elevating this gift? Turn gift-giving into a special moment with the finishing touches that illustrate the effort and attention you’re happy to lavish upon him.  

Personalising a piece of jewellery with a message to Dad will make it even more sentimental. Metallic Father’s Day bracelets, necklace pendants, dog tags, watches, and rings can all be engraved to make sure your father knows just how much he means to you.

Give the gift a touch of luxury with a plush presentation box and lavish gift wrapping. Don’t forget to add a sweet message for Dad in the jewellery box, telling him why this item reminded you of him.

Protecting precious keepsakes

If you’ve been gifted jewellery from a loved one, we understand how important that piece becomes to you. With both monetary and sentimental value coming into play, insuring your collection gives you peace of mind and allows you to enjoy wearing your most precious pieces.

If you’d like to give your jewellery the care and attention it deserves, contact TH March today for expert advice on keeping your collection safe. With over 130 years of experience, your favourite jewellery couldn’t be in better hands.

Prices and availability of items may change over time. This article should be used for guidance only – nothing herein constitutes a recommendation or a guarantee of price or availability.