Ten Father’s Day Watch Gift Ideas – Make Your Dad’s Day Extra Special


With Father’s Day on the horizon, now is the time to think about a thoughtful gift for Dad. If you value time spent with your Dad above all else, why not buy him a beautiful timepiece to reflect this? Often given to mark important milestones in a man’s life, giving the gift of a watch is the ultimate symbol of respect.

Watches for Father’s Day vary from traditional dress watches that finesse a tailored suit to high-tech sports models for adventurous dads. If you need help finding the right timepiece for Dad, save time with our inspirational Father’s Day watches guide. Learn about different styles to pinpoint which watch will keep perfect time with your Dad’s aesthetic. Explore the best brands and know where to head when it’s time to purchase your gift.

Why choose a watch gift for Father’s Day?

Can we use our smartphones and devices to check the time? Yes, but that hasn’t dampened the deep affection men hold for a stylish watch. Your Dad can probably remember the very first watch that was secured around his wrist as a child. Whether it was a smart, leather-strapped timepiece to spruce up his school uniform or a gloriously day-glo Swatch – the memory of receiving that gift has likely stayed with him. 

A new watch is often associated with a momentous occasion. A man may be gifted his first high-value timepiece as he enters the workplace as a graduate or when he attends his first formal events as an adult. Loaded with poignancy, your father will cherish receiving a watch from you for Father’s Day.

Unlike other Father’s Day presents, when you buy your father a watch gift, you’re furnishing him with an accessory that he’ll wear often—even daily. Given the choice, he’ll always opt for the watch gifted by his child, so spend some time learning about the different styles of timepieces as you countdown to finding Dad the perfect watch.

Get to know your watches

The best watch for Father’s Day depends on your Dad’s unique character and preferred aesthetic. The style of watch you’d buy for the rugged Dad who spends most of his time outdoors would not be the same as the timepiece you’d choose for the corporate Dad whose calendar is packed with boardroom meetings and business dinners. Understanding the nature of the different styles will help you shortlist the candidates for your watches for Father’s Day:

  • Dress watches – These are designed to complement formal and business attire and make a dad feel very special. Understated and exquisite, dress watches offer fantastic versatility, working with all colours and cuts of suit.
  • Luxury watches – Crafted by prestigious watchmakers and often boasting precious metals and stones, luxury watches are a status symbol that adds flair to an outfit and offers exceptional timekeeping.
  • Sports watches—As the name suggests, these hardy timepieces are engineered for use in sports. They offer useful functions that help you track your athletic efforts, such as stopwatches, heart rate monitors, and GPS tracking.
  • Smartwatches – A form of wearable technology, a smartwatch brings text messages, phone calls, music and health monitoring to your wrist.
  • Fashion watches—Stylish and often featuring the year’s trending colour palettes, materials, and silhouettes, fashion watches are designed to make you look good. Often released by popular fashion houses, these watches make a great gift for dads who appreciate designer gear.
  • Field watches—With their roots in military use, field watches are tough, durable, and functional. They are practical watches for fathers who work outdoors or enjoy wilderness pursuits.
  • Diving watches – For the fit father who likes to swim or enjoys water-sports, the diving watch is built to handle being underwater. A smart choice for the keen fisherman, the masculine aesthetic appeals to many.
  • Racing watches – If your Dad’s car is his pride and joy, he’ll love the sophisticated aesthetic of a racing watch. Precision timepieces with an integrated tachymeter are a must-have style for men who relish track days. 

In addition to considering the style of a watch, you may also like to focus on brands. Budgeting has never been more relevant, so why not look to some of the most affordable, respected watch brands, such as Casio, G Shock, Hamilton, Orient, Seiko, Timex and Tissot? These all offer superb quality-to-cost ratios and cater to a range of budgets.

Ten Inspirational Father’s Day Watch Ideas

To help you find the right watch for your Dad, browse our watch ideas, covering all personalities and timepiece requirements. Find timepieces to suit all budgets and get fresh ideas for his collection.

Keep it classic

If your Dad has a timeless style and often needs to dress smartly for glamorous soirees, a classic dress watch will be a welcome gift this Father’s Day. 

Sporting all the traditional features of a dress watch, the Waterbury Classic from Timex still feels contemporary thanks to its vibrant blue dial.

The Tissot Classic Dream dress watch is the epitome of demure watch-wearing. Classical and clean-lined, this timepiece will make your father feel wonderfully refined.

The minimalist man

Does your Dad keep his look pared-back and clean? Pay homage to his cool and calm style with a minimalist watch.

Keep the watch minimalist and the budget minimal with the chic Skagen Jorn, from only £77. A watch of Danish design, this model offers style versatility with its graphite dial and streamlined silhouette.

Find the Calvin Klein Minimal Gold Tone Mesh Bracelet watch at H Samuel. With its stylishly simplistic dial and effortlessly elegant lustrous strap, the minimalist Dad will be in fuss-free heaven.

For the ultimate outdoorsman

If your Dad is a hardy outdoorsman, focus your searches on durable styles like sports and field watches. 

Beyond macho, the Casio G Shock G Squad, for less than £90, will offer your Dad an unbelievably tough sports watch for all his outdoor activities. With its chronograph, timers, step counter and Bluetooth link, there’s not much this military-inspired timepiece doesn’t do.

For a watch that’ll make your Dad feel like hiking to the highest peak, the best watch for Father’s Day has to be the titanium Expedition North by Timex. From its earthy olive strap to its titanium casing, this watch looks and feels fit for the wilderness.

The tech-savvy Dad

If your Dad is a proud tech head, ensure his watch keeps him on the cutting edge. Smartwatches advance every year, so gifting him a high-tech timepiece will give him plenty of new features to play with.


 yet affordable, the CMF Pro by Nothing, at under £70, is bursting with features. Your Dad can track all his activities and health stats and will navigate the super-sized touch-screen dial with ease.  

For a smartwatch that looks as advanced as it is, the uber-cool Google Pixel 2 watch, at John Lewis for under £350, offers Google users a seamless experience with instant Gmail and Calendar access and a host of health and fitness tracking. 

The stylish hipster

If your Dad has reached hipster status, pay homage to his style with one of the year’s hottest watch designs.

Take your Dad’s impeccable taste to the next level with a fashionable wooden watch from Holzkern. The Spring Evening design is a triumph of minimalism with its earthy walnut strap and uncluttered dial.

The Sternglas Hamburg Edition Neuwerk, £389, captures the vibrant energy of its namesake city. From the on-trend yellow strap to the case etching and evocative satin-finish dial, this timepiece has all the trend credentials your Dad deserves. 

Mr. Corporate

If your Dad wears a sharp suit to work every day, give him a handsome watch that complements his corporate aesthetic. 

A timepiece that tips its hat to the business watches of the 70s let dad power dress in the Tissot PRX. An emerald green dial pops against the classic stainless steel band for a watch that shows your Dad means business. 

The Certina is the CEO-style dress watch. Dapper with its calfskin strap and rich chocolate dial, your Dad will feel unstoppable in this timeless piece.

Retro vibes

2024’s design landscape is awash with retro and vintage throwbacks. Keep your Dad trendy and a touch nostalgic with a retro-inspired timepiece.

Transport your Dad back to the 80s with a decidedly outspoken Timex analogue. The Q Timex Reissue Digital LCA, £135, captures the unmistakable style of the 80s with its angular face and gold-toned strap. 

The roaring 20s are calling with this rectangular-faced Seiko at under £200. If your Dad appreciates the Art Deco movement, this Gatsby-esque watch will be a new favourite.

Rainbow brights

Explore Father’s Day watches that will bring a splash of colour to your Dad’s day. If your father is known for his flamboyant style or if you think a vibrant colour pop will remind him of you, dare to go rainbow bright this Father’s Day.

Loud, bold and ideal for the active Dad with its snug rubber strap, the Marc Jacobs Buzz Track, from T H Baker, is a showstopper in orange and blue. This witty Father’s Day watch idea is an excellent choice for Dads who enjoy the urban athletic aesthetic.

Poppy red and charismatic, the Aaren Kulor from Skagen, priced under £150, adds a fun and feisty shot of colour to the wrist.  

A touch of luxury

If you’d like to buy Dad the absolute best watch for Father’s Day, why not come together with your siblings and treat him to a luxury timepiece? Worried about the price tag? Take a look at the classic luxury watches below, available as preloved pieces.

The TAG Huer Carrera is an iconic timepiece with roots in the glamour of the racing track and favoured by movie stars like Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio. Preloved Carreras start from £1600.

The Omega Seamaster Automatic is a classic in the watch world. Having an Omega on his wrist will make your father feel a million dollars. Preloved prices can start as low as £1200.

Fitness fans

If the gym is your Dad’s second home or you’d love him to start taking better care of his health, a fitness watch can be a stylish accessory and a helpful health tracker. 

A pioneer in the fitness watch arena, Fitbit’s Sense 2, at £219.99, is a lifestyle watch that tracks health contributors like sleep and stress levels alongside fitness. 

Delivering both the style and the substance, the Apple Watch SE, is a shining example of sport-forward watch fashion. It features the latest innovations in health tracking and will communicate seamlessly with your other Apple devices. 

These products are all available online but don’t forget to get the hands-on watch-buying experience by heading to your local jewellers. From popular high street jewellers to independent boutiques, you’ll be able to get a closer look at Father’s Day watches when you head in-store, which can be especially helpful if you’re buying a luxury brand.  

A gift he’ll never forget

You’ve gone to all the effort of choosing Dad a watch that reminds you of him. Make sure you give this thoughtful gift the presentation it deserves with a beautiful jewellery box and lavish gift wrapping. A sentimental note and an old photo of you and him together to represent the passage of time will top the gift off perfectly.

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