Five Proposal Ideas at Home for Valentine’s Day


February is a popular month for marriage proposals.  Not only is it the month to celebrate St. Valentine, we’re starting to emerge from the three months of winter, hopeful and optimistic for the new beginnings inspired by spring.   You may even have decided that it’s the right time to ask the important question in your relationship.

The home is becoming a more popular place to propose, with more couples living together before marriage, and offers a memorable setting for proposing to your loved ones.  With a little imagination and surreptitious hiding of the ring, you and your significant other will create a new memory in your home.

Here are five sweet proposal ideas that you could create at home:

  1. Cook your favourite meal, or if you’d prefer not to have to deal with the dishes, order your favourite takeout to be delivered to you one evening.
  2. Set a treasure hunt or challenge around the home or garden, with the ring the prize at the end of the trail. You could use a theme or a code-based game, or suggest little clues for the reason behind the adventure along the way, prolonging the excitement.
  3. The extraordinary feels even more so when offset against the backdrop of the ordinary. Pause a favourite television show or film, on the pretence of preparing a snack, and return with the ring and your question.  You could even change into a formal outfit to enhance the memory.  Just ensure that you haven’t paused the television show at a dramatic moment.
  4. Ask the important question via a radio station you listen to, or an online forum that you’re both part of. You could even arrange a video call with family and friends and surprise everyone.
  5. Arrange for the ring to be delivered by courier on Valentine’s Day, including your message of proposal inside the box, making sure that you’re nearby when the parcel is opened.