Five Things To Do at Home on Valentine’s Day


People have celebrated St. Valentine’s Day for hundreds of years. Traditionally, Valentine’s Day was to celebrate marriage, but it’s also a time to create and to share memories, connect with friends and reflect on the end of winter. Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with someone special or indulging in time with yourself, there are several ways to spend the day at home to mark the patron saint of love.

  1. If you’re with a partner, think back to your first date together and prepare the meal that you had. If you went to the cinema, re-watch the film.  If you’re celebrating your independent life, treat yourself to a day of your favourite meals and movies, even if that means pancakes for dinner.
  2. Send a handwritten card and letter to three people, and any significant others, that you love a few days before the 14th You could be mysterious and leave out your name, perhaps sharing a few clues in the message to hint at the sender, and sign the card from Valentine.
  3. Cook one, two or even three courses of your favourite restaurant-style meal. Choose the menu beforehand, to include the items in the weekly shop, or track down items from specialist food stores.   Lay the table as if in a restaurant, play your favourite music and dim your usual lighting, with candles or lamp light.  Dress for the special occasion, whether you are with a partner or nourishing your own taste buds.
  4. Create, or recreate, a favourite travel destination, at home, sharing memories or insights into a place that you love, whether you have already been, or would one day like to visit. Prepare foods from the place, create a scrapbook of photos, whether online or using craft materials, and communicate using the language or dialect of the area.
  5. Listen to your favourite love songs, either as a full album on vinyl, or CD, or create a playlist to stream. If your favourite musician or band has a concert available to watch, pretend you’re there, taking advantage of the sofa, or your lounge floor, and the front row seats … and being able to pause the show for drinks and snacks.