Five Tips for Looking After Your Engagement Ring


Following a few simple steps can ensure your engagement ring always looks its sparkling best.

Whether you are newly engaged or have been wearing it for years, your engagement ring could be the most precious thing you own. Without the right care and attention however, diamonds can lose their sparkle and metal may become dull. Gemstones might even get chipped, scratched or come loose if they are not properly looked after.

Here are five ways to care for your engagement ring and keep it looking beautiful.

  1. Handle with care

When you pick up your ring, remember to hold it by the band, not the stone. This will reduce the build-up of natural oils from your fingers around the setting, helping to prevent the stone from coming loose.

Remove your ring before using cleaning products or hair dye as the chemicals could cause permanent damage. Take it off before you head out for any activities, such as swimming, that reduce your body temperature and could cause your fingers to shrink and your ring to become loose. Leave it at home when you go to play tennis or any other impact sports to avoid the risk of damage.

While you may want to remove your ring for certain activities, avoid taking it off when you are out and about. The risk of losing something so precious is just too great. Never remove your ring if you are washing your hands in public as it could easily slip down a plughole or drain.

  1. Keep it clean

Many people wear their engagement ring every day so it is not surprising that it will sometimes need a good clean. Oil from our fingers and dust from the atmosphere can make the brightest diamond turn dull. Grease and dirt will also reduce the shine of gold and other precious metals.

There are many different methods recommended for cleaning an engagement ring but it is important to avoid harsh chemicals. The most reliable and low risk approach for most engagement rings is to use plain old soap and water. Soak the ring for around 30 minutes in a bowl of warm water, with a squeeze of liquid detergent. You can then use a soft toothbrush to gently clean the band and any stones.

Organic stones, such as pearls and opal, need careful handling and should not be submerged in water. If you are unsure which cleaning method is best for your gemstone, speak to a specialist jeweller for advice.

When you dry the ring, avoid using paper tissues, which can leave behind fibres. Jewellery cloths or other lint-free fabrics are ideal.

  1. Store it safely

Keeping your engagement ring in a pouch or bag inside your jewellery box will prevent it from getting damaged through contact with other jewellery. A diamond engagement ring could also scratch other pieces in your collection. After all, diamond is one of the hardest known substances so it can easily scratch metals or other gemstones.

Ensure you have reliable security systems in place so that you can relax when you leave your ring at home.

  1. Check it regularly for wear and tear

Diamonds may be forever, but engagement rings of any type can show signs of wear and tear. The National Association of Jewellers recommends that you get high value jewellery regularly checked by a professional.

Be sure to act fast if you spot any issues yourself. For example, if you notice that a stone is starting to become loose in its setting, get it repaired before it is lost. If it does need repairs, take your engagement ring to a reputable jeweller who can restore it to its former glory.

  1. Protect your engagement ring against loss or damage

People often assume that their engagement ring will be covered by their home insurance. In fact, many home insurance policies have a cap on jewellery value so check yours for any restrictions. You may need to take out specialist insurance to protect your precious engagement ring against loss or damage.

Whatever insurance you use to cover your engagement ring, it is important to know its true value. We recommend having your jewellery valued at least every three years. That is because fluctuating metal and gemstone prices can have a significant impact on the value of jewellery pieces.

An engagement ring is a symbol of everlasting love. Treat it with the care and respect it deserves so you can continue to enjoy your beautiful engagement ring throughout your years together.