Fun and Festive Christmas Jewellery Ideas for 2022


When it comes to buying a loved one Christmas presents, it can be hard to find them a gift that you know they’re going to love and enjoy. There are only so many socks and pyjamas you can buy, after all. You want to make sure that they have something to open on Christmas morning, but it should also be thoughtful and have meaning behind it.

One thing that never goes out of style is a little something… sparkly!

Here are some Christmas jewellery ideas to help you buy an extra special gift for your family or friends that they will absolutely love and can treasure forever.

Why Is Jewellery Such A Popular Gift To Give At Christmas?

The jewellery we give can have any number of meanings. It’s a proposal of marriage, a family heirloom, and a celebration of life. That’s part of what’s so special about it. It can be whatever we want it to be, but at the heart of it, the purpose is always the same. It’s all about love.

The history of giving jewellery in its most basic form goes all the way back to prehistoric times when people would give each other such shiny things as the best pebbles and shells they could find. Many of these items were also thought to bring safety, courage, and a sense of belonging to the wearer. Throughout the ages, jewellery has been a symbol of class, practicality, and a way of showing individuality.

Moving forward into the modern day and jewellery is no longer functional as much as it is decorative. It’s a demonstration of both fashion and a human connection.

That may be why it makes such a popular gift to give at Christmas. There’s something for everyone, and when you choose something you know the other person will love, it’s a really special feeling. It’s a gift that they can keep forever and cherish because of the thought that went into picking it.

Christmas is the time of year when we can show our loved ones just what they mean to us through spending time together and giving gifts. It’s also a time to get dressed up and put on our glad rags. There are lots of Christmas parties to attend, and then there’s the day itself. They all call for wearing something a little extra special – including jewellery. For that, you’re going to need some fun and festive Christmas jewellery ideas.

What To Look For In Your Xmas Jewellery Presents

The first thing to bear in mind is, of course, what you know about your intended recipient. Some things to consider are:

  • Do they have a favourite type of metal, and is there a colour of gold they like best?
  • What is their birthstone?
  • Is their style bold and brave, or would they prefer something more subtle and understated?
  • What kind of jewellery do they like to wear?

When we think of Christmas colours, they traditionally tend to be gold, red, and green. You can easily incorporate this into choosing your Christmas jewellery present.

Jewels such as ruby and emerald make good contenders as they are perfect for fitting the Christmas theme. Paired with a gold band, bracelet, or necklace, these stones’ deep and rich colours can look beautiful.

If you’re thinking of something classic and sophisticated, you can’t go wrong with diamonds. A diamond will work with any tone of gold, silver or platinum. If your budget is a little smaller, a diamond alternative such as moissanite can make a great piece of Christmas costume jewellery. It has the same sparkle as a diamond with a smaller price tag.

It’s important not to forget the origins of Christmas. If the loved one you’re buying is a Christian, you could always buy something that celebrates their religion. Popular choices include gifting gold or silver cross necklaces.

10 Christmas Jewellery Ideas

1. A cross necklace

The origins of Christmas lie in Christianity, and it’s a significant time for Christians around the world. If you have a loved one who celebrates their Christian faith at this time of year, buying them a cross necklace for Christmas can be a lovely gesture. It is a token of your love and affection for them while recognising how important Christmas is to them.

Even if they already have a cross necklace they wear every day, buying one in a different colour, gold, or one with gemstones can give them a new option to wear or one to keep for special occasions. It’s a Christmas jewellery idea with a lot of thought and meaning behind it.

2. A luxury watch

While not technically a piece of jewellery, a new watch is a really thoughtful Christmas gift, and you can choose one that reflects the lifestyle and personal style of the recipient. For example, if they are always on the go, they might like a smartwatch that helps them to keep up to date with emails and text messages without having to check their phone.

For an older relative, they may appreciate a classic silver or gold timepiece instead that they can wear with everything and will never go out of style.

If you are buying a watch for your loved one this Christmas, you could also have it engraved with a special message so they can think of you every time they wear it.

3. Diamond earrings

Are you celebrating your first Christmas with a girlfriend this Christmas? A pair of diamond earrings are a traditional and sophisticated way to mark the occasion.

They also make a great engagement anniversary gift if you’re celebrating one year engaged with someone you love. It’s something your wife-to-be can keep and wear on special occasions – including on your wedding day.

4. Emerald or Ruby ring

Reds and greens are traditional Christmas colours – especially when you pair them with a rich and luxurious yellow gold.

If you’re looking to buy something Christmas-themed, these can be the best stones to look for. You may even be able to find a ring that has both emeralds and rubies – they look great together. This is a Christmas jewellery idea that’s right on trend every year.

5. Baby’s 1st Christmas bracelet or necklace

If you’re celebrating your baby’s first Christmas, get them something unique they can keep forever. It’s a time you’ll never get to have again, and commemorating the occasion with jewellery is a wonderful gesture. A popular choice is a gold or silver bangle, or you could buy them their very first cross necklace as a recognition of their very first Christmas.

6. Engagement ring

Are you planning on a Christmas day proposal this year? Christmas is such a romantic and magical time which is why it makes it such a popular day for proposals.

If you’ve decided that this is the year you’re going to pop the question, you’re likely looking for the perfect engagement ring. While the traditional choice is to have a diamond, it can be any style (and have any gemstone) that you think they’ll love.

7. Friendship bracelets

Christmas is a time to show those closest to us how much we love them. While we might immediately think of gifts to buy our family, friends can be just as important.

When it comes to friendship bracelets, the first thing that may come to mind is something you used to make on the playground at school.

While the sentiment might be the same, these friendship bracelets are much more special. You can buy one for just them to have – or buy yourself the same one as a symbol of the relationship you share.

Remember this: any bracelet you give to a friend is a friendship bracelet. They will love it because it came from you.

8. A personalised necklace

If you’re in the market for a gift that’s a little more personal, what about a necklace with their name or initials? You could also choose a locket and have a picture put inside of something or someone important to the recipient.

Buying a piece of Christmas jewellery for your loved one is a wonderfully thoughtful gift in any event, but having something extra personal adds the cherry on top.

9. Something Christmassy

This Christmas jewellery idea might sound a little on the nose, but why not get Christmas jewellery that’s Christmas themed?

It doesn’t have to be something big and brash – although it absolutely could be if this is what they’d like! It could be pair of earrings in Christmas colours or some studs in the shape of Santa Claus or a Christmas tree. While they’re not going to get much wear for the rest of the year, they’re great to wear on Christmas day.

10. A charm bracelet

A charm bracelet is a perfect gift if you want ultimate personalisation. You can make it Christmas-themed or choose charms you think they’ll like that mean something to them or are in the colours they’ve stated a preference for. The best thing about a charm bracelet is that it will give you an idea of something to buy for them for years to come – until it’s full up!

Tips On Choosing The Perfect Piece Of Christmas Jewellery

The perfect Christmas jewellery idea will depend on who you’re buying for and the type of jewellery you’re thinking of getting. Some things to bear in mind when you’re shopping are:

  • What’s their style?
  • What kind of jewellery have you seen them wear before? For example, if you’re thinking of buying earrings – can you be sure they have their ears pierced?
  • Be sure of your budget. This will help you to limit your ideas in accordance with how much you want to spend
  • Who’s the recipient? Is it a spouse or close loved one, or are you buying for a friend or colleague? Some pieces of jewellery are more personal than others.
  • Use what you know about them to help you make your choice. What’s their birthstone? Do they have a favourite colour? Is there something they’ve wanted for a while and won’t buy for themselves?
  • If you’re not sure, keep it simple.

Pick The Perfect Gift With These Christmas Jewellery Ideas

A piece of Christmas jewellery, even costume Christmas jewellery, is a heartfelt and personal gift that the recipient will love. They’ll love it because you’ve taken the time to choose it for them and you know them well enough to pick something they like.

The above list of Christmas jewellery ideas will help you start planning what to buy for your loved ones this Christmas.

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