How Long Does Wedding Planning Take?


Are you planning a wedding at the moment?  Preparing for a wedding can take anything from a few weeks to two years, depending on the plans of the wedding couple and the size of the wedding party and any other circumstances to consider.


The first task to organise is the venue where the wedding ceremony will take place. Will the day involve a small ceremony with immediate family members, or is a particularly large or sentimental venue sought after? There may be a waiting list for certain venues, so it is essential to check how long you might need.  Some negotiation may be head on flexibility with dates and venues so it is always worth asking.

Guest numbers

How many guests will be invited to the wedding?  A large dream venue may not be suitable if you only plan to invite a small number of guests.  Equally, a cosy venue might not accommodate everyone that you would like to invite.  The budget will be a vital factor to consider here, with catering and drink options varying in price and inclusion.

Accommodation and transport

If your guests need to travel and stay overnight, you will need to ensure suitable accommodation is available, and arrange transport to and from the hotel.  Consider all options, as you may find a local supplier that has an on-site arrangement with your wedding venue, or you may be able to organise car share options.  Just remember to include transport for the happy couple!

Planning with friends

Whether you have two months or two years to organise a wedding, you will find the support of your family and friends helpful.  Share out tasks, such as sourcing accommodation and transport, planning table layouts and gift registers and wedding planning can become easier.  Just remember that the happy couple might want to make final decisions!