How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Rings


With so many wedding rings out there to choose from, how can you find the perfect pair for you and the one you love?

Wedding rings are as unique as the couples who wear them. They show the newlyweds’ enduring love for each other, as well as symbolising each person’s own individual style.

Perhaps you have always wanted a particular style or design of wedding ring. Maybe it is important to you and your partner to have matching rings, or bespoke pieces that are unique to you. Or it could be you have no idea where to start in your search.

Want the Perfect Wedding Ring? I do!

There is so much to organise ahead of the big day. Choosing the perfect wedding rings should be a special experience, rather than just another task to tick off the list.

To help narrow down your preferences, here are five steps to helping you say yes to that perfect wedding ring:

  1. Decide on the style

Start by deciding on the type of ring you want as this will help you to navigate the huge amount of choice available. Do you want to have matching couples’ rings? Would you prefer an embellished ring or a simple band? Do you prefer a modern or more traditional style?

Fortunately, there are plenty of beautiful, stylish and unique rings on offer for those looking to tie the knot. From the classic gold or platinum band to rings complete with gemstones or personalised laser-cut messages, there is something to suit every style.

If you’re searching for an alternative look, ring creators have also designed bands with everything from wooden inlays to sandcast pieces which use sand as the mould material. You can even design your own, to give your wedding rings that completely bespoke look.

As you begin your search for that perfect wedding ring, the choice may seem overwhelming. Booking a private appointment with a jeweller is a good first step so that you can discuss your style likes and dislikes.

  1. Complement your engagement ring

If you want your wedding and engagement rings to match, think about buying them together – although, of course, this could dampen any surprise proposals. If you opt for a simple engagement ring, you may want to go for an embellished wedding band and vice versa. Interlocking engagement and wedding rings are also a good idea if you will be wearing both of them together all the time.

  1. Opposites attract

Perhaps you love platinum but your partner has their heart set on rose gold. Your intended may want something contemporary, while you have always wanted a traditional wedding ring.

Don’t worry if you cannot agree on the style. Your rings could be completely different if that is what you both want. Or alternatively, if you opt for different styles or precious metals, you could choose rings with a similar feature, such matching engravings or gemstones.

  1. A lifestyle choice

It is important to pick rings that fit with your lifestyle. If you work with your hands, it may be better to choose a simple, solid band. If you play sports, platinum could be the perfect choice as it is extra durable.

  1. Take your time

Give yourself time to find that perfect ring. Wedding planning experts at The Knot suggest that your search could take at least three months. You need to allow enough time to research styles and prices, as well as try on rings. Remember that if you choose a custom ring or add engravings to a band, this could take longer.

Similar to shopping for a wedding dress or suit, try on as many different rings as you can. After all, the style you never thought you’d like could be the one you end up falling in love with.

Once you have found that perfect wedding ring, you will want to treasure it for life. Our jewellery and watch insurance will help you protect it against loss or damage.