Jewellers – Protecting Your Physical Store During COVID-19


The jewellery community is facing further business challenges in response to the impact of the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak. We understand the difficulty in closing physical stores and temporarily closing your business, but it’s important to consider and ensure your premises are remaining protected while you are not there.

During these challenging and uncertain times surrounding COVID-19, it is possible for opportunistic criminals to attempt taking advantage. With this possible heightened activity, you need to maintain secure business premises.


  • Ensure all internal and external windows and doors are secured
  • Lock all items away and if it is not possible to lock away, remove from sight as much as possible
  • If and where possible, shut down digital devices and computers
  • Security systems are on and remain in fully working order
  • Inform your security and alarm company
  • If you need to attend an alarm call out, make sure that you respond appropriately with two persons if possible
    • Do not take safe keys with you
    • Check with your alarm company to see if the police have been called and await their arrival before entering the premises
    • If you need to attend the premises for any other reason, you must follow as much as possible your usual opening and closing procedures
    • Minimum of two persons in attendance or where agreed the use of Radio Personal Attack buttons to be carried if only one person
    • If you are not able to follow usual procedures, then you should contact your insurance broker for advice
    • Opening and closing will still be your most vulnerable time
  • Inform your insurance company that the premises are going to be unoccupied
  • Ensure that waste, refuse and other disused combustible materials are cleared from the buildings and any grounds adjacent
    • External waste is one of the largest causes of arson damage to property and with possibly reduced collections and waste build up, this needs to be removed away from the property as much as possible
  • If you have staff working from home, have remote protection and protocols in place as cyber scammers and cyber criminals have increased activity
    • Expect phishing attempts to increase so remind staff to be extra vigilant
  • If you have suddenly changed the location of much of your business equipment or accumulated a lot more tools to enable working from home, it is worth letting insurers have an update on the values away from the premises and in transit

There is currently a lot of uncertainty around the topic of insurance and COVID-19.  We are truly sympathetic about this.

As insurance brokers, we can offer advice on risk management and security as well as your insurance policy cover.