Pride Jewellery Ideas – Celebrate LBGTQ in Style


The rainbow colour scheme has become synonymous with the LBGTQ community since the late 1970s, thanks to the gay-ride rainbow flag. Attributed to drag artist Gilbert Baker, the flag was viewed as a beacon of hope for the community – a symbol of visibility, celebration and acceptance. Famous politician and activist Harvey Milk had urged Baker to create a symbol that could be used within their community. This was, after all, a group that was not only having to fight for acceptance and equality but also against violence and hate.

The resulting colourful legacy lives on as a universal sign for rejoicing in diversity and standing up to hate with love. Each colour on the flag was assigned a meaning that resonated with the LBGTQ movement, with violet for spirit, turquoise for art, indigo for harmony, green for nature, yellow for sunlight, orange for healing and red for life. Today we see the rainbow flag held aloft with genuine pride and allyship at events, painted onto faces and printed onto clothes. This enduring symbol is also found in jewellery, allowing you to express your pride with accessories that will last a lifetime.

Each year, Pride month celebrates the community and all its achievements. Pride events are hugely popular with LGBTQ community members both for the fun that’s had and because the meaning of Pride often reflects their own personal journey. Pride takes place in June to commemorate the New York Stone Wall riots, which took place in 1969. These riots, triggered by police raids, are believed to be the catalyst that ignited the gay liberation movement.

To celebrate Pride in style this year, show your love with rainbow-inspired gay pride jewellery. Beautifully designed pride jewellery creates the perfect chic, fun or fashionable gift that makes a statement from your heart. Gifting a piece of jewellery with a sentiment makes the recipient feel special, and what better time to do that than during pride?

Pride and the LGBTQ movement are about inclusivity, so we’ve curated a range of Pride jewellery that caters to all. From the dazzling to the understated, you’ll find plenty of inspiration as you browse through this rainbow-inspired jewellery.

Rainbow Rings

When it comes to pride jewellery, a rainbow ring is a real winner because the wearer gets to see and enjoy the piece just as much as those in their company. A ring makes a thoughtful gift for someone special in your life, having long been a symbol of companionship. In 2013, rings took on an even greater significance within the UK LBGTQ community when legislation was passed to allow same-sex couples the right to marry.

But why save a ring for a proposal? Whether gifting as an ally or to your LBGTQ partner, a ring shows the recipient how much they mean to you. Whether you want their finger to sparkle in full technicolour rainbow glory or radiate pride in subtle tones, we’ve found a collection of irresistible pride rings.

Woolton and Hewitt specialise in rings for couples in love; their LGBTQ range is a treasure trove of romantic and striking pieces. With a rainbow pride collection of rings that present the rainbow in soft tones, here you’ll find the perfect gift of a ring that can be worn daily. From the minimalist 18ct gold and platinum Gay Bear Pride ring to the Emotions in Diamonds with its twinkling rainbow-coloured diamonds, Woolton and Hewitt’s LBGTQ jewellery is sure to become a favourite.

The iconic Faberge’s Colour of Love collection includes designs that represent the rainbow flag perfectly, including the opulent 18ct white gold Rainbow Multicoloured Gemstone fluted eternity ring. Featuring white diamonds, tsavorites, rubies and sapphires, this would make the ultimate expression of love for someone special in your life. If you’re interested in this as an investment piece, read our jewellery insurance advice at the end of this article.

If you’re looking for the ideal pride jewellery for a larger-than-life character, Swarovski serves plenty of personality and rainbow hues with their Curiosa cocktail ring. With the characteristic flair of its designer, Swarovski’s Creative Director Giovanna Englebert, this ring is great fun. Within a similar budget, this Thomas Sarbo yellow-gold plated sterling silver gem-studded charm club ring dares you to be individual with its off-beat, quirky design. The design catches the light and allows the colours of the baguette-cut gems to shimmer. Perfect for a friend who loves to be the centre of attention, this colourful gold ring is full of personality.

Pride Necklaces

However you identify, a necklace is a versatile accessory that can elevate both your outfit and your confidence. Gifting this style of pride jewellery in a rainbow design will act as the perfect pick-me-up or treat for Pride this year. You can wear a rainbow-necklace to a Pride event, an LGBTQ celebration or wedding, or simply every day to show your support. The joyful rainbow colours on a necklace ensure you don’t ever feel underdressed, and you’ll never be short of compliments, thanks to the infectious cheer spread by this iconic design.

A simple, timeless necklace that still makes a statement, the gold tennis rainbow necklace by Rosie Fortescue Jewellery encapsulates the joy of the rainbow flag with vibrant colour pops from cubic zirconia stones. This bold piece looks stunning worn alongside both casual and smart attire and will become a go-to item for Pride celebrations where you want to feel confident dancing the night away.

Pamela Love’s pieces offer recycled metals and conflict-free, ethically-sourced stones for the individual who cares about the provenance of their jewellery. A beautiful nod to the rainbow flag, her rainbow chain necklace boasts radiant rainbow hues courtesy of peach moonstone, turquoise, lapis and red coral.

Abbot Lyon launched its own Pride collection this year, partnering with the LGBTQ helpline switchboard. Their handmade, customisable rainbow-themed tennis necklace is a great option when you’re gifting it to a younger friend or relative who loves cute, colourful accessories.

Olivia Burton London has a range of stylish long-chain, pendant-style rainbow necklaces that allow you to accessorise and subtly make a statement. Perfect for softer looks, the rose gold rainbow halo necklace and silver rainbow necklace achieve the perfect daytime look.

For a much earthier take on the pride rainbow, the muted tones of the graduated rainbow sapphire necklace may be just what you need if you’re looking for a pride gift for someone who prefers neutral tones and simplistic jewellery. This distinctive piece offers enough sparkle to make the recipient feel fabulous without feeling too over the top.

LGBTQ Bracelets

Wristbands representing a charity, cause or movement close to your heart became all the rage in the noughties. As a modern twist, a rainbow LGBTQ bracelet allows the wearer to show the community support with a piece that will endure. Pride jewellery, such as a rainbow bracelet, makes a thoughtful gift for the family members or close friends of an LGBTQ individual. It has become increasingly apparent that “allies” who are willing to be vocal about their support of the community are hugely important in ending homophobia and inequality.

Bringing plenty of rainbow “charm”, Loquet London’s rainbow charm bracelet is a contemporary piece that will set a wrist twinkling with pride. The rainbow flag is represented by seven multi-coloured baguette-cut gems and conflict-free diamonds, a luxurious, characterful twist on the popular charm bracelet. Cute yet sophisticated, thanks to the exceptional quality of the stones and settings, this gift would look great with a casual daytime outfit or alongside glamorous evening attire.

Leave someone in no doubt about just how much you love them this Pride by presenting them with a Cartier love bracelet. An iconic Cartier design, the love bracelet is one of the most searched pieces of jewellery on Google. Created by designer Aldo Cipullo in 1969, this unisex style of bracelet is ideal for the LGBTQ community. This particular design paint’s its rainbow with sapphires, aquamarines, amethyst and purple spinels.

Bright, bold and contemporary, the Syndey Evan rainbow jade bracelet not only screams pride it also offers a fresh, funky finish to any outfit. Featuring the popular evil eye motif, this jewellery would make a desirable present for your young (or young at heart) community member or ally.

Technicolour Earrings

There’s a fascinating strand of LGBTQ history relating to piercings, representing yet another layer of prejudice against the community. Though we humans have pierced our bodies for thousands of years, in recent history, male piercing has fallen out of fashion. Within the LGBTQ community, some identifying as men began to embrace piercing again but, as a result, became the target of hate.

Today, gifting earrings that reflect the spirit of pride serves as a reminder of how far the community has come. Fun or beautiful earrings are the perfect gift to a friend, whilst high-quality pieces make a touching gift for a partner.

A sweet pride gift for a friend, Lily and Roo’s gold rainbow gemstone cluster huggie hoop earrings offer a burst of rainbow-bright for those who prefer a smaller earring that sits close to the earlobe. With matching rainbow accessories available, you could put together a twinkly set that will upgrade your friend’s evening attire for all those high-energy summer pride events.

If you’re looking to offer a loved one a gift of earrings that provide a touch of luxury, the rainbow chandra crescent earrings by renowned Lebanese designer Noor Fares are a shining example of her eco-conscious jewellery work. Another investment piece, these sparkling, striking earrings create a rainbow with their sapphires, amethysts, rubies and tsavorite. Irresistibly glittery yet still paired back and elegant, these versatile earrings suit both a casual and smart look.

For someone who wears ear cuffs, we’ve found these rainbow zirconia studded cuffs by Nordic jewellery designer Sif Jakobs. Hoops in a similar style are also available, providing a pretty, grown-up technicolour earring that can be worn day into night.

Finding the Perfect Jeweller for Pride Gifts

With such an important message behind the Pride movement, it’s nice to seek out LGBTQ-owned jewellers and those committed to the cause when you wish to purchase rainbow Pride jewellery. For mindful gift buying, take a look through these inclusive jewellers.

  • The inclusive Stephen Einhorn jewellers are renowned for being the first to offer a wedding range for gay and lesbian couples.
  • Queensmith jewellers is an ally to the community that offers a range of LGBTQ jewellery, including rings and commitment jewellery.
  • Hill and Hill jewellers offer gender-inclusive jewellery and bespoke jewellery-making service by appointment for those looking for a one-off piece of jewellery.
  • Located in Hatton Gardens, Ovadia Jewellery is an ally of the community that also offers bespoke pieces and collections for the LGBTQ community.

Protecting your Pride Jewellery

We treasure the jewellery that means the most to us, and if you’ve been gifted a piece of LBGTQ jewellery by someone close to you, that will become an item very close to your heart. Jewellery insurance offers the peace of mind that allows you to enjoy the accessories you’ve invested your money in, whether they’re sparkling on a jewellery stand at home or catching eyes when you’re out and about.

For over 130 years, TH March has been offering specialist jewellery insurance, and we can help protect your LBGTQ jewellery with personal jewellery cover. With premiums starting at just £60 a year, we can cover multiple jewellery pieces to ensure you always feel confident wearing your most precious possessions. If you need to make a claim, TH March always endeavours to send you back to your jeweller of choice, which is ideal for you if you’ve found an ally jeweller whose pieces and ethics resonate with you.

To protect the assets whose value extends beyond their monetary value, get in touch today with TH March to explore your unique jewellery insurance needs.