Proposing at Christmas


During the Christmas and New Year holiday celebrations many marriage proposals will take place, within the home or the garden, or at a favoured outdoor space.

Time and care has gone into choosing the perfect engagement ring for your loved one, but how do you choose the right time to pop the question? The festive season is a wonderful time of year to celebrate, and proposals can be made in a variety of fun and unique ways, with a little imagination.

Oh, Christmas Tree

Imagine the scented memories of a proposal made during the trip to a Christmas tree farm, particularly if the farm has seen a fresh snowfall?  Or a beautifully decorated tree at home could provide the perfect photo opportunity for a proposal on bended knee. Why not go a step further and hang the engagement ring on a luxurious ribbon and tie it to a high branch, to be discovered at eye level?

Gift-wrapped Guessing

An engagement ring could be wrapped within several layers of different sized boxes to offer a gift-wrapped surprise element to the proposal. To ensure boredom doesn’t override the exciting moment, perhaps aim for fewer than double-figure layers.

Personalised message in a cup

As winter is the perfect opportunity for hot chocolate, mulled wine or gingerbread latte, why not propose at home and craft your unique ‘Marry Me?’ proposal at the bottom of a cup – ensuring it is properly heat-sealed before adding your preferred hot beverage.

Light up your love

The proposal could be written in a string of lights – presented safely, of course – for a memorable evening. If the front of the house is used as a back drop, neighbours and family can join in the moment, too.

Christmas film inspiration

Who can forget the iconic declaration of love in the holiday film, Love Actually, when the door is opened by Keira Knightly to potential carollers, only to discover a heartfelt message on handwritten cards from an admirer? The moment has been recreated in many ways ever since. Watching the favourite festive film of loved ones can provide an insight into a proposal opportunity. The film could even be paused for an ice cream intermission with a proposed difference!