Rainbow Jewellery Ideas Perfect for LGBTQ Pride


With Pride month approaching, there’s no better time to think about buying a new piece of rainbow jewellery that shows your allyship to the LGBTQ community. This June, community members and allies will celebrate both the history and future of the Pride movement at a time when inclusivity is positively shaping society. Fashion has always been employed to reflect individuality and plenty of rainbow-inspired accessories are ready and waiting this year to perk up your Pride month.

Rainbow jewellery is a fantastic way to show your support to the community or a gloriously colourful way to show the world who you are and who you’re proud to be. Ally jewellers have worked hard over recent years to create ranges of Pride jewellery that provide the diversity seen within the community. We’ve picked out 20 rainbow jewellery pieces that showcase both the vibrant and the understated to help you find jewellery that suits your style aesthetic.

LGBTQ Pride 

Pride is now held each June in remembrance of the infamous Stonewall riot of June 1969. The Stonewall Inn in Greenwich, New York, was a popular bar for the LGBTQ community at the time. Following numerous raids and acts of brutality by the police, the bar patrons finally retaliated. On June 28 that year, after another unjustified raid, the community fought back with just as much force. Six days of riots and protests ensued, and by making headline news, the riots highlighted to an international viewership just what the LGBTQ inhabitants of New York were facing.

Though gay rights had often been ignored by politicians before, the global interest forced the American government to start addressing the issue. And when a change wasn’t forthcoming, over three thousand activists marched on the streets of New York one year later to note the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.

Each year, community members and allies in New York would join together in June, and this event eventually became known as “The Gay Pride Parade”. This movement blossomed over time, with parades starting to take place each June not only in America but across the globe. In 2002, Bill Clinton officially named June as ‘Gay and Lesbian Pride Month’, which Barack Obama updated in 2009 to improve inclusivity, naming it Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month. Obama commemorated the Stonewall Riots and Pride movement by creating the Stonewall National Monument around the Stonewall Inn.

Though in the past Pride parades were very much an example of activism, today, there is a strong element of celebration and a real emphasis on pride and inclusivity. Allies have become enthusiastic participants and understand their role in promoting acceptance.

A Rainbow After the Storm 

You’re about to dive into 2023’s most dazzling and darling examples of rainbow jewellery for Pride, but why is the rainbow associated with this influential movement? The rainbow flag, synonymous with Pride and LGBTQ rights, was created in 1978 by the designer and drag artist Gilbert Baker. A work commissioned by activist Harvey Milk, the flag was an instant hit and has become iconic.

Each colour of the rainbow flag holds meaning. Hot pink for sex, red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, turquoise for art, indigo for harmony and violet for spirit. Both the rainbow flag and rainbow designs and colour schemes are linked to Pride. You can show solidarity by wearing beautiful necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and even cufflinks that feature this design.

DIY Rainbow Jewellery 

The celebratory nature of Pride parades and events means that many people choose to dress up in bold, colourful costumes. Pride is, therefore full of homemade creations, and rainbow jewellery is no exception.

Making colourful jewellery to wear to Pride or to give to a member or ally of the LGBTQ shows an extra layer of love and care for the cause. Handcrafted jewellery always feels extra special and is in keeping with the crafty nature of modern Pride. 

Although it’s wonderful that today there are many pride bracelets and rainbow necklaces available from high-street and independent jewellers, it’s great fun to make your own, and it can help you get into the Pride spirit. If you’re not a crafter with drawers full of beads and bright polymer clay, you can use pre-made kits to help you create your masterpiece. Esty has a range of kits available, or why not add some sparkle with this Rainbow Glitter Bunting Kit by Tatty Devine?

20 Rainbow Jewellery Pieces to Fill You with Pride

Whether you’re looking to gift or buy rainbow jewellery, we’ve found 20 pieces full of Pride spirit. With jewellery eye-catching enough to stand out in the parades and items that you’ll be able to wear every day, show your support with an accessory that fills you with joy and reminds you of the resilience, hope and energy of the movement.

Dazzling Rings for Pride

A ring is an ideal type of jewellery to wear daily to show your allyship. If you’re looking for a striking rainbow ring to stand out at Pride celebrations, Swarovski’s Curiosa Cocktail Ring allows you to give a funky take on the traditional rainbow design. Capturing the light and sending out all the colours of the rainbow thanks to tessellating triangle-cut gems, this unusual ring will pair well with an ultra-flamboyant outfit, or you can wear it year-round as a statement piece of jewellery, for example with a classic black suit or dress.

Thomas Sabo’s Sterling Silver Colourful Stones Ring is a more traditional take on the rainbow. You can’t help but feel cheered when you wear this ring, brimming with jolly primary colours, augmented by their silver setting.

Consider this cheeky Dolce & Gabbana Rainbow Alphabet D Ring if your look is heavy on designer labels. The rich yellow gold contrasts the bezel set rainbow gems of citrine, topaz, garnet and amethysts. A ring for someone who likes to stand out, this unusual design will be sure to get people’s attention.

Show your love for the movement with this joyful investment piece, the Open Heart Rainbow Ring from Argent and Asscher. Choose between a yellow and rose gold band, whose tonal warmth compliments the sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Fans of contemporary jewellery will note the striking three-prong stone setting, which ensures the cute heart motif still feels fashionable.

Pride Bracelets to Show Your Support

The LGBTQ community and its allies have long embraced pride bracelets. We’ve found some shining examples if you’re looking for a bold bracelet to wear to pride or a piece of rainbow jewellery to grace your wrist year-round.

If you’re on a budget but want to pack a punch, make your support for the community abundantly clear with this technicoloured Handmade Rainbow Cord Bracelet. Attending Pride with a group of friends want to spread the good vibes? Why not hand out these fun Rainbow Wristbands or  Rainbow Silicone Bracelets with supportive embossed messages?

A gorgeous rainbow bracelet makes a special gift for a loved one who is part of the Pride community. Ruby & Oscar’s Princess Cut Rainbow Colour Tennis Bracelet in Sterling Silver is a sparkling example of a pride bracelet that could be worn daily. The princess cut gems offer a gentle take on the rainbow, with colours that pair nicely with various outfits, from the casual to the formal.

Michael Kors Pride Sterling Silver Bangle is a piece you could wear daily to show solidarity. The 14 ct rose gold plated sterling silver band is peppered with magical dots of nanogems for that ultimate shimmering effect. A great item to move your outfit from day to night, this is a bracelet you’ll get a great deal of wear from.  

An investment piece that captures the strength of the Pride movement is the 18 ct White Gold Rainbow Sapphire Bangle by C W Sellors. Crafted using brilliant-cut sapphires in a range of hues, set into a white gold band, this clip-lock bracelet feels safe and secure on your wrist. A bracelet you’ll want to hand down through the generations, you’ll find many occasions to put this twinkling piece on show.

Pride Earrings to Spread the Rainbow

Where better to don a pair of over-the-top rainbow-inspired earrings than a Pride event? Pride earrings can be an affordable way to show your allyship, and the kitschier the earring, the more joy you’ll spread.

Vicious Malicious offers Rainbow Earrings in a range of colours to represent your orientation, and they’re the perfect price point for buying an inexpensive, funky pair of earrings for partying in during Pride. Don’t forget to head to the clever crafters of Etsy to find some cheap and cheerful rainbow earrings. These super cute Rainbow Heart rEarrings by Tweets Crafts Co will work a treat with a slogan tee-shirt or provide some glorious colour-clashing if you’re a vision of extravagance at Pride.

Capturing the essence of modern Pride events, Samuel Coreux’s Rainbow Fringe Earrings would make a superb accessory to an outrageous outfit. Full of character and movement, these earrings would also serve as an unforgettable statement piece of jewellery alongside a pared-back outfit.

Another upbeat offering are these Rainbow Hoop Earrings by EvolutionSK. Crafted with 18 ct gold, sapphires, rubies and emeralds, these large hoops will bring all the ‘unicorn energy’ you’d hope for. Perfect for parties and Pride events, these earrings can dress up a simple outfit or add extra energy to colourful couture.

If you’d like your earrings to sing the song of Pride through the use of dazzling precious stones, treat yourself to the Faberge Colours of Love Sasha Rose Gold Rainbow Multicoloured Gemstone Egg Stud Earrings. Exquisite with their 18 ct Peruvian gold, rubies, demantoid garnets, tsavorites, emeralds and sapphires, the sweetly satisfying egg shape makes this pair a classic for formal and casual events. 

Rainbow Bright Necklaces

The right necklace can nail your aesthetic, and if you’re attending a Pride event, you might be looking for something big, bright and bold to spread the spirit of the occasion. Look no further than Sahara’s impossibly cool Rainbow Cascade Necklace for a rainbow necklace that packs a punch. The button-style flat beads come in multiple candy shades, creating a necklace that looks good enough to eat.

The Pride Shops offers great value, colourful rainbow necklaces, including this Holographic Rainbow Drop Necklace and the Rainbow Holographic Set Wire Necklace. Cute and casual, these are the ideal additions to an outfit for the parade.

A once-in-a-lifetime gift for the member of the LGBTQ community who you love most, this adorable Fabergé Essence Rose Gold Rainbow Surprise Locket contains the “surprise” of a lacquered rainbow within a traditional Faberge 18ct gold egg locket. Accessorised with the touch of a fabulous diamond button, this humorous piece is full of charm and character.

For a rainbow necklace that glitters with precious stones, Martin & Co’s 18ct Rose Gold Sapphire Rainbow Pendant is simple and stylish. Set in rose gold, different colours of sapphire twinkle in a circle pendant which will catch the eye and the light. An adorable piece that would accentuate any elegant outfit, you can show your ‘pride’ every time your wear it.

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