Real Flower Jewellery: Perfect Ideas for Spring


Real flower jewellery is very on-trend right now, and it really couldn’t come at a better time! With a fresh pop of colour that encapsulates the delicate beauty of British springtime, it provides the perfect way to shake off the long, cold, and dreary winter and greet the joys of spring with open arms.

Read on to find out more about real flower jewellery, from its traditional roots to the fascinating modern techniques used by jewellery designers to capture nature’s delicate beauty.

Discover which preserved flower jewellery style suits you best or find the ideal gift for a special someone.

A blossoming sector

As a society, we embrace and celebrate individuality. You can see this reflected in the jewellery industry, which works hard to bring fresh designs to consumers each season, allowing them to make a bold statement about their own unique style.

The beauty of jewellery made using dried and fresh flowers is that it can allow us to accessorise uniquely. The diverse flora available to jewellers means that you can find pieces for both day wear and special occasions, with the option to choose bold or muted colours and striking or soft flower aesthetics to reflect your personality.

Flowers have always been symbolic in our society, so when you’re keen to buy a piece of jewellery that conveys emotions or holds a deeper meaning between you and the recipient, natural flower jewellery is a great choice.

In recent years, social media has allowed small jewellers skilled in this craft to reach a wide audience. Picked up and promoted by ever-powerful influencers, the natural flower jewellery sector is a thriving business right now. Plus, with the designs being generally more budget-friendly than jewellery crafted from precious gems, it’s easy to see how botanical jewellery could become so popular.

What is real flower jewellery?

If you’ve ever brought a wildflower home with you, captivated by its ethereal beauty, you were probably disappointed to note how quickly it wilts and loses its vibrancy. However, thanks to resin, skilled jewellers can help to capture a flower at its finest – freezing its floral form in time so that you can enjoy it forever. A crystal-clear resin pendant showcases the flower to perfection, but it takes skill and experience to achieve the finished look. These resin creations can be mounted in precious metals for luxury jewellery pieces or in less expensive alloys, making preserved flower jewellery accessible for everyone.

A fragrant history

We know through archaeological finds that our ancestors took inspiration from flowers for their jewellery designs. This is demonstrated by the etched flower motifs often featured in Bronze and Iron Age jewellery. By the 17th century, flowers were a popular design choice for jewellery, often formed using pearls and precious stones. Two centuries later, jewellery from the Art Nouveau movement mainly revolved around romantic florals.

But, before jewellers turned to precious stones and metalwork to replicate petals and curling leaves, it is thought that real flowers were used as wearable living art, as they still are in many cultures worldwide.

Most of us are familiar with the Hawaiian lei or the Scandinavian flower crowns worn during the Midsummer festivities. Both of which are popular choices for modern Boho-style weddings. But, South Asian cultures have been using fresh flowers to signify love and celebration for thousands of years.

When a bride arrives at a Hindu wedding ceremony, she and the groom exchange colourful woven flower garlands. In ancient texts, this offering was described as a sign of acceptance between the couple. Religious idols used during the ceremony are also adorned with intricate garlands as a sign of respect to the deities. Meanwhile, at Sikh wedding ceremonies, family members gift flower garlands to welcome the couple to the new extended family.

Today, however, real flower jewellery provides a modern twist on this enduring style, providing a lasting keepsake to remember a special day.

Stunning real flower necklaces

A real flower necklace is a must-have addition to your spring wardrobe. With designs that capture a soft femininity or boldly make a statement, they provide a versatile way to accessorise any outfit. Here are three of our favourite real flower styles for the new season.

1. Feminine charm

Pastel-hued petals and fronds captured within a necklace pendant make for a romantic look that can be worn casually or with evening attire. Like a wildflower bouquet in miniature, Pretty Royale’s purple flower heart necklace would make a touching gift for a loved one. With tiny blooms in vibrant shades, Shrieking Violet’s purple haze necklace is a feminine pendant that really catches your eye.

2. Bold and bright

If you’re looking for a real flower necklace that will provide a pop of colour to contrast a black outfit, choosing jewellery made using less obvious flower species offers a quirky and fun answer.

Byzantium’s real flower range is a feast for the eyes, with bold choices such as the poppy and mixed flower teardrop necklace and the red rosebud and mixed flower oval necklace. Shrieking Violet’s sunflower round pendant captures all the joy of spring, while their full moon poppy necklace would be the perfect piece to take centre stage on an outfit. Or, go for sweet little forget-me-nots in Palenque’s dreamy blue Flores large round pendant.

3. Muted tones

The joy of natural flower jewellery is that it gives you an opportunity to celebrate the subtle beauty and delicate nature of the plant world. Real flowers in muted tones can be an excellent choice for daytime wear, neutral evening outfits or for those who simply prefer the pared-back look.

Botanic Isle’s range showcases floral subtlety beautifully. Their wild strawberry flower necklace is dreamy and demure, and their signature Highland heather pendants are gently understated. The round daisy pendant from Flores is an ideal accessory from spring through to summer as it playfully conjures up childhood memories of making daisy chains.

4. A celebration of roses

No one can resist the charm and sentiment of a rose. A real flower necklace featuring a pristine, everlasting rosebud makes a wonderfully romantic gift for a partner – or for yourself! The following necklaces celebrate the sentiment of this popular flower.

Carefully coated in a thin layer of resin to reveal a delicate flower, the Rosa Blanca necklace by I’mmany is the epitome of elegant sophistication. For a Beauty and the Beast style look, you can’t go wrong with the Pretty Royale and its long real flower pendant. Also preserving a rosebud in all its glory, Byzantium’s oval framed necklace makes an impactful accessory for spring.

Real flower earrings

From a splash of colour to textural depth, real flower earrings offer a host of style options for rounding off your chosen aesthetic. Botanical earrings, with their miniature size, highlight the craftsmanship involved in working with such tiny and fragile blooms.

If you’re looking for ideas for earrings that will become the star of the show, explore the following springtime ideas.

1. Darling dewdrops

What could be more charming than an earring that looks like a real flower encased in a dew drop? This effect allows you to add a touch of sparkle to your daytime or evening attire without the need for gemstones.

The forget-me-not earrings from Earth and Elements are an excellent example of the dew drop style, bringing whimsy and a shot of sky blue. Byzantium also provides a fresh colour burst with its real wildflower earrings, featuring miniature blooms grown in Mexico.

2. A bouquet of colour

If you’d like your earrings to make a statement, brightening up your look with multi-coloured floral earrings is a fun idea. Nature knows that clashing colours can have their own charm, and clever jewellery designers have tapped into this!

Reds, blues, purples and oranges sit together in wonderfully chaotic harmony in Byzantium’s poppy mix oval drop earrings. The jeweller also offers a mixed bouquet earring with splashes of purple and pink. Shrieking Violet’s vertical bar earrings stack colourful blossom upon colourful blossom for an earring set that will stand out.

3. Simply stunning

Real flower earrings crafted using a single bloom are elegant yet impactful. Classic spring blooms perfectly complement a bright and airy spring outfit, while earrings made using a loved one’s favourite flower will always make a thoughtful gift.

A set that is sure to draw admiring glances, Pretty Royale’s teardrop pressed flower earrings feel both contemporary and classic. Displaying one of the country’s most-loved spring flowers in all their glory, the cheery Botanic Isles threader primrose earrings are the perfect accessory for a spring outfit.

For a touch of true floral elegance, I’mmany’s hydrangea flower drop earrings show real flower earrings at their most ornate. Jewellery that could be worn to complement a special dress, this set would be ideal for a spring wedding.

Real flower bracelets

Wearing a real flower bracelet this spring will allow you to admire the craftsmanship and exquisite beauty of natural flower jewellery. With designs for all occasions, take a look through the ideas below to find the right bracelet to brighten up your day.

1. Miniature delights

Impossibly cute bracelets made with the dinkiest of flowerheads will bring you joy throughout the day as you wear your real flower bracelet. These sweet designs suit both smart and casual daytime wear and make an uplifting gift for all ages. Botanic Isle presents tiny blooms to perfection in their wild violet charm bracelet and wild rose charm bracelet. Shrieking Violet’s heart-linked chain bracelet with its flower-studded heart charm is a celebration of romance.

2. Special occasions

When you’re looking for a bracelet for a special occasion, you can’t go wrong with a piece of preserved flower jewellery. In place of sparkling diamonds, allow the wonder of the natural world to be the star of the show – real flower bracelets can be just as impactful! They are also perfect for anyone on a budget or who simply prefers their jewellery to shine without precious stones.

I’mmany’s Queen Anne bracelet pays homage to the rose with its stunning collection of rosebud jewellery in powdery shades. A bracelet that would look at home on a bride’s wrist, this classic piece can be called upon time and time again to elevate your outfit.

Another impossibly chic botanical design by I’mmany is the Annabelle bracelet. Featuring both a resin-preserved hydrangea and freshwater pearls, this feminine piece would look wonderful alongside classic evening wear.

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