Summer Jewellery Ideas for 2024 – Our Style Guide


Finally, the weather seems to be changing for the better. The sun is shining; we’re peeling off those winter layers and dreaming of summer on the beach. Winter is behind us, and we’re looking forward to warmer days and holidays in the sun. That means it’s also time to start thinking about summer jewellery.

From rings and necklaces to bracelets and anklets, jewellery for him and her is the perfect way to complement a summer outfit. Our style guide will take you through some of the best summer jewellery ideas for 2024, whether you’re barmy for beads and the beach boho look, are intrigued by inlay rings or want to know what colours are in vogue this year.

Keep a look out for our Top Tips and some advice on how to take care of your jewellery with TH March insurance when you’re abroad.

Why wear jewellery in the summer months?

If you’re a jewellery wearer, you probably wear at least two or three pieces all year round. But once the summer starts, we have more opportunities to adorn ourselves with additional jewellery.

Why? Well, mainly because it just makes us feel better. It brings a little extra sparkle into our lives and lets us express ourselves through everything from a simple pair of summer earrings to a whole stack of brightly coloured summer bracelets.

We have more skin exposed during the summer months, thanks to sleeveless tops and t-shirts. After all, there isn’t much point putting on our best bracelets or necklaces if they’re hidden under thick, woolly jumpers.

This is also the season when you’re likely to be invited to those evening events, galas, weddings, and balls where a little bit of bling completes your look.

Summer jewellery gets us in the holiday mood. It’s a celebration of the changing seasons, a deep-rooted social concept that goes back thousands of years.

So, how do you style your look for the summer months? And what’s trending in 2024? Let’s take a closer look at the most popular looks for this summer.

Styling your summer look

The social diary is filling up. You have parties, weddings, music festivals, and beach holidays to look forward to. It’s time to start styling your look. If you’re dressing for the sunshine, think about how your jewellery will balance not just the colours you wear but also the type of clothing you choose. For example, boho love beads may look great with a floaty summer dress, but they won’t work for that formal evening dress.

Start by thinking about the most essential element of any summer jewellery – the metal. Silver looks stunning against tanned skin, as do rose gold or yellow gold, which add even more warmth and depth to your look. If you can’t decide on one, our Top Tip is that mixing and matching is perfectly okay! Rose gold and silver or platinum work exceptionally well together.

Consider other less precious metals, such as copper, but remember that it can sometimes react with your skin and turn green, especially if you wear it while swimming.

Our Top Tip: complement your skin tone – If you have that deep golden tan you can only get from the beach, silver jewellery makes it glow. For that evening event, rose gold complements any skin tone, whether you’ve achieved that golden brown tan, are naturally blessed with dark skin, or are pale-skinned.

The boho beach look – a perennial favourite

A bronze tan, sand between your toes and tousled hair lightened by hours surfing and lying on the beach – it could only be that perennial favourite, the boho beach look. Characterised by shimmering silver, delicate links and colours that capture the spirit of the ocean, the beach boho look is one of the most relaxed, laid-back summer looks there is.

Colours reflect the surroundings, so turquoise and lapis lazuli mirror the colour of the sea and the summer sky, while citrine and amber capture the glow of the sun. Keep it simple with beach jewellery – just add enough to emphasise that gorgeous tan.

Summer necklaces should be different lengths to balance one another, while summer bracelets for the boho look include everything from gorgeous silver circles to charming beaded bracelets full of colour.

Summer earrings for the beach can include aquamarine studs, or if you want to go for a more affordable option, cubic zirconia earrings can create the same look for less and still be glamorous enough to go from a day at the beach to an evening event.

Our Top Tip: Have some fun with the boho look! Stacker rings are perfect for adding a little extra sparkle, while anklets show off perfectly tanned ankles and legs. Remember that salt water can react with some metals, so make sure your summer jewellery is of good quality if you want to keep it on when hanging ten on a surfboard.

Fabulous wedding jewellery – what to wear to a summer wedding

June, July and August are the most popular months for a wedding, so expect the invitations to start dropping through the letterbox. If your summer jewellery needs to include a few more glamorous pieces for those special occasions, there’s just one rule – don’t outshine the bride!

If you’ve been invited to a summer wedding, ensure your jewellery doesn’t detract attention from the bride. Keep it simple and classy, elegant and understated. Look for design classics such as earrings inspired by the Art Deco movement. Elegant rose-gold chains rather than big, brash statement pieces are the order of the day.

Our Top Tip: The Perfect Bride – If you’re the bride, think about the neckline of your dress as the foundation for the type of summer necklace you wear, and team it up with matching earrings and bracelets to create a cohesive look.

Men’s summer jewellery – something special for him

The summer is a perfect opportunity for men to express their love of jewellery. Whether it’s a high-end watch, a masculine leather bracelet, a sleek inlay ring, or a Cuban chain, this is your time to shine.

For men, summer necklaces can be anything from a surfer-style leather necklace with a silver sand dollar as an adornment to a chunky Cuban chain made from 18ct gold. Summer rings are all about inlays this year, where a simple band is inlaid with everything from exotic meteorite chips to polished wood, using striking metals such as Damascus stainless steel or even carbon fibre as the base.

Summer bracelets for men take their inspiration from the beach boho look, with wraps of leather interspersed with steel links.

Our Top tip: Keep it simple. For an evening do, choose a top-quality watch and don’t forget that cufflinks can really finish your look with an elegant and understated flourish.

Colours for 2024 – Rose gold and Fuzzy Peach

Every year, Pantone announces its ‘Colour of the Year’, and 2024’s choice, Fuzzy Peach, is perfect for summer jewellery. Incredibly subtle and soft, Fuzzy Peach is complemented by the current hot trend in metals for jewellery: rose gold.

With hints of orange and coppery undertones, rose gold is a wonderfully warm, rich colour that isn’t as bright or bold as yellow gold. We’ve already discussed choosing colours that work with your skin tone – rose gold is one of the best choices for any skin colour.

A classic summer bracelet such as the gorgeous La Belle bracelet in rose gold and mother-of-pearl is a perfect example of this beautiful metal at its best – and it’s full of special meaning, too.

What’s hot in 2024 – Five new trends for this summer

Comfort bands – inlay rings for him and her

Jewellery should be so comfortable that you almost forget you’re wearing it. They don’t come much more comfy than inlay rings, which is this year’s big trend for summer rings. From glittering opal to organic wood and even the occasional mammoth bone chips, these rings are all over the internet right now, adding a dash of simple yet sublimely elegant style to any outfit.

Inlay rings are ideal for both men and women, made from materials ranging from carbon fibre to silver, stainless steel, and ceramics. They’re tough and scratch-resistant and stay looking gorgeous even if you wear them all day, every day. They’re pretty waterproof, too, and won’t mind the occasional dip in the pool or surfing session in the sea.

Personalised jewellery – what’s in a name?

Personalised jewellery went through a decline in popularity for a while, but this year it’s back. From name necklaces to discreet engraving on the inside of a ring, personalised jewellery is a hot trend in 2024. We’re not talking about those cheap plastic beads you get online, but classy, chic-meets-beat examples such as the Roxanne First beaded rainbow letter necklace. This bright and beautiful example uses rainbow sapphires set in white, yellow or rose gold.

Zero-waste jewellery – trinkets with a conscience

Jewellery-making can be quite a wasteful process. To respond to the concerns of the buying public who don’t want their accessories costing the Earth, zero-waste jewellery is a big trend in 2024. This jewellery uses unusual materials or waste by-products that would normally be thrown away to create beautiful summer jewellery. A perfect example is the delightful Zero Waste heart, made from tiny pieces of waste glass that would usually be disposed of. The great thing about a lot of zero-waste jewellery is that every piece is unique, making it even more special.

Our Top Tip: Do your research. Make sure that the company or artist you are buying from really is using a zero-waste process. Expect the occasional blemish, too, which often adds to the beauty and uniqueness of the piece.

The art of layering – stacking rings, bracelets and necklaces

We briefly mentioned stacking jewellery earlier, so let’s look at the dos and don’ts of successful stacking. The art of stacking is to ensure each piece complements the others. This is where you can mix things up a little, combining rose gold with platinum and antique yellow gold, for example. Alternatively, you can stick to a single theme, such as all rose gold, all silver, or all white gold.

The other big tip is to keep things light. With summer rings, choose thin bands with subtle detailing rather than big, chunky rings. Not only do they look more stylish, but they are also far more comfortable to wear.

With summer bracelets, three or four chains, beaded bracelets or delicate hoops are enough – you don’t want to be jangling every time you move! And with necklaces, choose two or three examples of different lengths that sit comfortably together without tangling.

Looking cool in the pool – swim-proof jewellery ideas

Whether you’re diving into an infinity pool or heading out into the surf, your summer holiday jewellery needs to be able to withstand the effects of salt water or chlorine. Base metals such as copper or plated jewellery may tarnish very quickly, so always take it off before diving in.

Bear in mind that some gemstones, such as opals, such as opals, can be affected by immersion. And, of course, you need to make sure that your watch really is waterproof before you go snorkelling. 

Our Top Tip: Go bare. If you know you will be spending time in the water, leave the jewellery in the hotel safe to avoid damaging it. It’s also worth fitting safety chains to bracelets and necklaces so you don’t get that sinking feeling if they come undone and drift down towards the bottom of the ocean!

We’ve been providing our clients with specialist jewellery insurance for years, whether it’s a single engagement ring, a priceless heirloom, a luxury watch, or a whole collection. Before heading off on your summer holidays, ensure your jewellery is protected with insurance from TH March. Contact us today for more information.