Thoughtful Mother’s Day Jewellery Ideas for a Special Mum


When you’re keen to express your love for one of the most important women in your life, Mother’s Day jewellery brings meaning back into the art of gifting. Each year, Mother’s Day allows us to show our Mum just how special she is to us. Though we can express our love for her every day of the year, there’s something heart-warming about organising a special day just for her, complete with a thoughtful present.

Mothers and their children have unbreakable bonds, so finding the right piece of jewellery to reflect this will make Mother’s Day magical. Everyone loves to receive the gift of jewellery and when you bring in a good dose of sentimentality, it makes the piece sparkle all the more. What’s more, you’ll be completely spoiled for choice when it comes to thoughtful Mother’s Day jewellery ideas for a special Mum.

Shared Moments

Mother’s Day jewellery gifts are most meaningful when they allow the two of you to reminisce about a shared moment. Not only will Mum love making the link when she opens her present, but she’ll also get to cherish you and the memory every time she wears the jewellery. Assigning this type of meaning to a piece makes the gift so much more touching and helps you find an item that feels like it was made just for her.

For a mother, bringing children into her life is one of the most precious moments. This Mother’s Day, help her relive that life-changing time with a jewellery piece that showcases your birthstone. Birthstones allow you to buy sentimental simulant or true gemstone jewellery, with pieces to suit all budgets. Not sure what gemstone you need to buy? The birthstone for:

• January is garnet;
• February is amethyst;
• March is aquamarine or blue topaz;
• April is diamond or white topaz;
• May is emerald or chrysoprase;
• June is alexandrite, pearl or moonstone;
• July is ruby or carnelian;
• August is peridot or green amethyst;
• September is sapphire or lapis lazuli;
• October is tourmaline or opal;
• November is topaz or citrine;
• December is blue turquoise or tanzanite.

For the Mum who is a fan of Pandora, the brand offers a range of birthstone charms and jewellery to help you find the perfect piece. Abbot Lyon’s birthstone range includes personalised items that allow you to add your name or initials to gold or silver necklaces and bracelets. For an extra-special birthstone pendant, necklace or earrings, Tiffany’s coloured gemstone collection lets you buy a high-quality, beautifully cut birthstone for your Mum.

If your Mum likes to make a statement with colourful, vibrant jewellery, pick a shade that relates to an important memory. How about a colour from her wedding day, her favourite colour or the colour of a flower she loves the most? Wonderfully pretty floral pieces, available in a range of colours, can be found at Blossom. Browse their full collection and have one of their flower necklaces shipped over to you for Mother’s Day.

If your Mum has a favourite animal, a sweet charm for her bracelet or a pendant necklace depicting that animal is a cute Mother’s Day present idea. This simple gold dog motif necklace from Tales in Gold will keep Mum’s favourite pet close to her heart, while, for the cat lover, this funky sterling silver bangle from Silver is popular. Or, why not choose a new charm such as this adorable offering from Pandora?

Mother Daughter Jewellery

Matching Mother’s Day jewellery ideas make for a fun gift, and you’ll both relish wearing these pieces at family events and special occasions for years to come. When you’re getting ready to visit a restaurant for a family birthday dinner or to attend a family wedding, you can message your Mum and make sure you’ll both be wearing your coordinating pieces.

Mums, renowned for being selfless, will adore the fact that you also benefit from a lovely jewellery item, too. Choose specially made coordinating sets, the same piece of jewellery in your Mum and your favourite colours, or select jewellery where you each wear one half. For example, two halves of a heart or two puzzle pieces that join together to make a set.

Find your common ground aesthetically with matching pieces that you’ll both love to wear. Honey Willow offers mother daughter jewellery sets that match subtly, without feeling gimmicky. If you’d like a matching set that really shouts out about the mother-daughter bond, choose playful pieces like this cut-out heart pendant set from Gold Name Necklace or this fun Beaver Brooks jigsaw piece pendant set.

Giving Her Your Heart

Heart motifs in jewellery design will allow you to easily express your love this Mother’s Day. They also make great pieces for both casual and smarter attire. When you give someone heart-shaped jewellery, the meaning is clear! The heart design has long been used to express affection — and nothing will make your Mum happier than you declaring your love and admiration for her this Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day jewellery ideas featuring hearts make for a cute and loving gift, with the option to go for the two halves of the same heart design, such as this understated gold example by IBB.

An interlocking heart design speaks volumes about the place your mother holds in yours and vice versa. Sparkling with diamonds on white gold, this interlocking heart pendant from Goldsmiths would make a treasured gift. For the modern Mum who prefers her jewellery more muted, this rose and white gold heart necklace from Bannon Jewellers is a winner. The thrill of seeing that ubiquitous Tiffany & Co box will be a joy on Mother’s Day, with this engraved heart pendant able to be worn with pride.

Nobody can resist a locket. H Samuel has one that ticks all the boxes for Mother’s Day thanks to its stunning heart shape and filigree ‘Mum’ design. If your Mum is a fan of the traditional, this elegant gold heart locket from Monica Vinader will make her very happy – especially with a photo of the two of you hidden away safely inside.

What’s in a Name?

Personalised Mother’s Day jewellery can really elevate a gift. Adding a poignant touch or even a sprinkle of humour can help reflect the type of relationship you have with your mother — no matter if you’re her daughter or her son.

Pendants, watches, bracelets and rings are ideal pieces for engraving a message on for your Mum. When she puts on the jewellery, the message will lift her spirits or touch her heart. By engraving a piece of jewellery, you leave a lasting testament of your love for your Mum. As the jewellery makes its way down through the generations, that love will be kept alive.

Monica Vinader’s linear chain bracelet is ideal for personalising and a piece that Mum can wear every day. Meanwhile, the engravable love-links bracelet from Merci Mamam is a superb gift for new Mums from their little ones.

At the Engraver’s Guild of London, you can personalise an attractive Swarovski birthstone heart necklace to tie in both hearts and birthstones. Alternatively, this gold and diamond necklace from MYKA allows you to add both your names to an eye-catching pendant.

Made by Daisy allows you to create a personalised name necklace for Mother’s Day, in rose or yellow gold. Or, for a Mum who likes to keep her jewellery contemporary, why not personalise this simple gold circle necklace from Soremi?

Family First

For most mothers, nothing is more important than family. This Mother’s Day, show her just how important she is with a Mother’s Day jewellery gift that reflects the family unit. Every time she wears it, she’ll be reminded of you and the wonderfully unique people that make up her family.

Call upon the family tree motif in a concentric or interlocking design that echoes the generations. MYKA offers a heart-shaped family tree pendant that can be personalised with both birthstones and names – ideal if you’re gifting jewellery with your siblings. The family tree is represented in an affordable and sparkling design with H Samuel’s yellow gold and cubic zirconia tree necklace.

Concentric jewellery is a wise choice if your mother prefers simple, elegant or contemporary designs. Clogau offers a concentric heart design pendant that represents enduring love – encapsulating everything you want to express on Mother’s Day.

Tiffany and Co’s interlocking circles pendant is sure to become your Mum’s favourite new necklace. It sweetly mirrors a close-knit family, especially if it was just you and your mother when you were growing up. Great for the funky Mum who likes jewellery to represent her unique personality, Lily & Roo’s white gold love-link necklace will show your Mum that you understand her individuality.

If you know your Mum likes to make bold choices with her jewellery, Silverwood’s handcrafted concentric wooden circular necklace reflects the family unit, but with a decidedly modern tone. Earrings will always be appreciated if your Mum tends to go for a more pared-back look with her accessories. Wonderfully indulgent but still low-key, the concentric cluster diamond earrings from Angelic Diamonds will make this Mother’s Day one to remember.

Love is Beautiful

Though you and your mother may be close, not every relationship is sentimental and lovey-dovey. If you adore your Mum but couldn’t picture giving her heart-shaped jewellery or a piece steeped in memories and nostalgia, simply opt for Mother’s Day jewellery ideas that speak of your love through their innate beauty.

There are so many classic and contemporary pieces that can take our breath away. Being able to choose a gorgeous piece of jewellery that you know your Mum will love will show her just how much you understand and appreciate her aesthetic.

The Pearl Source offers plenty of inspiration for both classic and contemporary pearl pieces, including this caged pearl pendant necklace in white or yellow gold. The avant-garde Mum will feel exceptionally beautiful in this truly unique tricolour silver chain from Sanjoya. Beauty is available for all budgets too, as illustrated by the sublimely attractive mother of pearl locket from the Locket Tree and this dreamy blue nacre and rose gold bracelet by Holzkern.

If diamonds are your Mum’s best friend, impress her with the Asscher cut diamonds in these stud earrings by Angara. For the true jewellery connoisseur, a piece that epitomises craftsmanship, such as this fire opal pendant by Hirsh, will become the Mother’s Day gift that your Mum always remembers.

Ask yourself, what would my Mum find beautiful? Is there a piece she’s always coveted? A cut that’s missing from her jewellery box? Would a carefully chosen gift that means something to the pair of you mean more to her than a diamond? This Mother’s Day, make her dream come true with jewellery that you know will make her year.

When you give your Mum her Mother’s Day jewellery, be sure to keep all receipts and documentation so that she can use them to secure jewellery insurance. If you’ve been given a piece of jewellery by a loved one that means more to you than the monetary value alone, insurance will make sure that it is protected should anything happen to your beloved piece.

Thanks to over 135 years of experience insuring jewellery, we’ve got the credentials your favourite jewellery deserves at TH March. We’re the largest specialist jewellery brokers in the UK, so you can rest easy knowing your jewellery is in safe hands. With a dedicated claims handler to deal with all your needs, we aim to repair or replace your damaged, lost or stolen jewellery with the original jeweller.

So, even with a highly personal piece such as a Mother’s Day jewellery gift, we’ll help you feel like you’ve been reunited with the original. If you’re ready to keep your jewellery safe, get in touch with our friendly experts at TH March today.