Wedding Theme Ideas: Find a Match Made in Heaven for the Big Day


When it comes to planning a wedding, a great first step can be to decide on a wedding theme and wedding party theme ideas. This can make the planning process much easier from the start. Your theme will extend from the invitations to the reception. So, the final decision must reflect your tastes as a couple. We have rounded up four themes to fuel your inspiration.

Best wedding theme ideas

Think back to every wedding you have been to. Was there a theme? Having a wedding theme and a wedding reception theme can tie the entire occasion together. It informs everything from the colour palette to what the guests need to wear.

Why not use your wedding rings as inspiration? Wedding rings can symbolise different things. It all comes down to the different materials, styles, or jewels. In the same way, your wedding theme can help to symbolise you and your partner. For example, if you have more traditional wedding rings or something a little more alternative.

Simple and elegant wedding theme

This theme is the one you’ll see in films and on the front page of bridal magazines. The simple and elegant wedding theme is classy and traditional. From the floral arrangements to the silverware—envisage the type of theme a Disney princess would have.

The dress code is often black tie when hosting a simple and elegant wedding. Three-piece suits are common and this satin tux or three-piece suit from Tom Ford wouldn’t look out of place.

Traditional wedding dresses will vary in style as this is often down to the wearer’s preferences. The Celebrating Romance collection from Caroline Castigliano effortlessly embodies elegance as does this blazer dress from Stella McCartney.

It wouldn’t be a simple and elegant wedding theme without a white gold and diamond tiara accompanied by some dainty platinum earrings. Valérie Messika’s bangle adds a masculine touch to diamond jewellery.

Modern wedding theme

If you and your partner are going for something more contemporary, then this is the theme for you.

Colour themes are often monochrome or rose gold with geometric shapes, marble, and metallic accents. Venues are typically industrial looking in converted warehouses, distilleries or on rooftops. Struggling to come up with wedding party theme ideas? These types of venues are often already primed for partygoers.

This Roseanne dress from bridal designer Sassi Holford is edgy yet feminine. For a groom, this jacquard suit from Dolce and Gabbana has the same aesthetic. Its golden, floral design fits the theme of a modern wedding perfectly.

The jewellery and accessories you wear can also help to fit the modern theme whilst matching your rings. This geometric rose gold necklace from Ksenia Mirella would also be perfect for this theme. For the groom, this Omega Seamaster watch would tie in nicely to both the colour scheme and the pleasing geometric shapes.

Alternative wedding theme

The pandemic has seen outdoor, alternative weddings rise in popularity. Whether it’s rustic or bohemian, these outdoor occasions really amp up the ‘earthy’ as guests get back to nature.

Wooden elements, rusty muted colours, dried flowers and macramé all feature at an alternative wedding. The focus is on comfort so add some cushions and rugs on the floor for lounging and even dancing on.  Tied in with the ceremony, this makes for a great, informal wedding reception theme to help guests relax and unwind.

Dresses for an alternative theme can either be traditional or nothing but. This dress from Erdem features fluttering sleeves and a cutwork pattern. It’s traditional with a feminine, bohemian twist. This floral mini dress from Valentino is packed with colour and texture as is fitting for an alternative wedding theme.

The colour palette can also be reflected in the groom’s suit. This brown velvet tuxedo jacket from Tom Ford or this double-breasted corduroy jacket from Thom Sweeney, for example.

As colour is key, this multi-coloured gem necklace from Dolce and Gabbana would look great on the bride. If you’re sticking to tradition, this wild rose tiara from Ole Lynggaard would complement an outdoor setting nicely.

Vintage wedding theme

If you’re going for nostalgia, then it’s important to pick an era. The 1920s is popular theme because there are so many art deco elements to choose from. These will be instantly recognisable to your guests. For colour palette and theme think elegant golds, champagne towers, feathers, and opulence. The bigger the better.

Dresses can be traditional, but this theme is a great opportunity to maximise on the exuberance. For example, this feathered sequin gown by Pamella Roland would certainly ensure all eyes were on the bride. Also, this silk-lined dress from Zuhair Murad wouldn’t go amiss at a party hosted by the Great Gatsby.

Grooms can also channel the Great Gatsby for this theme in their top and tails. This Ralph Lauren tailcoat tuxedo really hits the mark for a vintage wedding theme as does this Dolce & Gabbana Martini-fit tuxedo jacket.

You might already have some vintage jewellery to cover ‘something borrowed’. However, modern high-end jewellery often makes call-backs to this time. For example, this Cartier watch is a replica of one that Louis Cartier wore himself in 1917.

Headpieces were also commonly worn by women in the 20s. This Gucci headband would really complete a bridal look for a vintage themed wedding in place of a tiara.

The final important step

Wedding planning can be a busy but exciting time. Some of the best wedding theme ideas can really help to kick things off. In the spur of the moment, however, it can be easy to forget this vital, final step. Insuring your wedding rings can protect you in case of accidental loss, damage, or theft.

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