What To Do with Inherited Jewellery


So, you’ve inherited a piece of jewellery or perhaps several pieces. You might start wearing your new treasures straight away, or you may find that the pieces are too formal for everyday wear and you know you will most likely not wear them. Inherited jewellery can often bring comfort during times of loss, but sometimes they don’t fit or they’re just not your style. But what to do with it? There are a couple of options, depending on how you feel towards it.

What are my options?

If you love it, you can keep it how it is and wear it yourself. Whether it be a ring or necklace, it was passed onto you to wear and love. Wear it with pride and tell the stories behind it. Bear in mind that it might need resizing but that’s simple to do, just take it to your local jewellers. You might want to also check the condition it’s in and have it cleaned.

If you’re not fond of the style but couldn’t bear to part with it, then you can redesign it to something more to your taste. Use the diamonds or precious stones within inherited jewellery to create another piece you will treasure and wear proudly. A new piece set with inherited stones will still be very meaningful. There are companies who specialise in redesigning inherited jewellery, so do your research and don’t rush into anything.

If it’s a large piece but you’re not fond of the style, you could break it down into various pieces to split among family members or various bits of jewellery to wear. Use the diamonds (or precious stones) to set into rings, necklaces or bracelets. Continuing to wear jewellery with inherited pieces is the perfect way to keep the memory of a loved one close. These can then become heirloom pieces themselves to pass down in the future.

You can simply just save the items as they are for you to pass on when the time comes. Keep them in the condition you received them, or preferably have them cleaned and keep them somewhere safe to pass down to family members to treasure.

Inherited jewellery might not be of high intrinsic value, but it has a high sentimental value. Protect your family heirlooms no matter what you choose to do with them with our insurance.