Which Diamond Cut is Best for an Engagement Ring?


With so much variety on offer, it can be hard to know which diamond cut to choose for an engagement ring.

A touch of sparkle is a must when you are seeking that perfect engagement ring for your special someone. But each diamond is individual, with a range of different cuts adding to the styles available.

Think about your fiancé’s individual taste – do they prefer modern or vintage jewellery? Would a large, statement diamond suit them or would an understated stone better reflect their personality? Your budget will also be a key factor as prices fluctuate depending on the diamond cut you choose.

Once you have drawn up a list of potential ring and diamond styles, you can narrow down the search for your dream engagement ring. And remember, you can always talk through your likes and dislikes by making a personal appointment with your jeweller.

What is a diamond cut?

Once you start your research, you may be surprised by the number of diamond cut shapes offered for engagement rings. These range from oval, heart and princess styles, to radiant, trilliant and even pineapple. Each cut determines the facets within a diamond and is a key factor in how brightly it sparkles.

Famous jewellery house Tiffany’s offers eight different diamond cuts and explains that each “determines how facets interact with light, while the diamond shape refers to the geometric appearance of a diamond”. Diamond cuts are split into two groups: round diamonds, which are the most traditional shape, and fancy shape diamonds, which refer to diamonds of other shapes.

Five popular diamond cuts

Diamonds can be cut and polished in a range of ways. The cut provides the sparkle and creates a particular style. When you are choosing a diamond engagement ring, the cut of the stone will be a key consideration. Here are five of the most popular diamond cuts for engagement rings.

  1. Round brilliant

Popular wedding website Brides suggests that round brilliant cut diamonds are the most coveted by brides to be. This is perhaps because they offer a traditional and elegant style that looks perfect in a variety of ring settings.

These diamonds are enduring favourites thanks to their classic style. The shape maximises the fire of the diamond – the flashes of brilliant light that diffuse through the gem.

  1. Emerald

With its rectangular shape, step cut and cropped corners, the emerald-cut diamond is loved for its Art Deco aesthetic. It provides understated glamour to any band setting.

  1. Princess

A Princess cut offers a more modern and geometric look. Like round diamonds, they give a brilliant fire and can be cut with square or rectangular sides, suiting any ring style.

  1. Marquise

Also called the Navette cut, this regal-style gemstone boasts a distinctive silhouette with curved sides and pointed ends. Its elongated shape creates an illusion of greater size, which flatters the finger when set vertically.

  1. Cushion

Gracing fingers for hundreds of years, the cushion-cut diamond was especially popular in the 19th century when it was known as a ‘mine cut’. These square or rectangular shaped diamonds with softened corners have seen something of a revival in recent years. Its old-world style makes it perfect for vintage settings.

Whatever style you choose, from show-stopping impact diamonds to understated vintage glamour, you will want to protect your beautiful piece of jewellery. Our specialist engagement ring insurance will give you peace of mind, helping your fiancé enjoy the ring you choose for years to come.