Which Style Of Engagement Ring Suits You Best?


Finding the right engagement ring means choosing something that reflects the individuality of the wearer. And that can take time.

An engagement ring is a life-changing piece of jewellery, so the pressure is on to get it right. But where do you start? To help you decide which style of engagement ring best suits you, or your loved one if you’re planning to propose with a ring ready, ask yourself, or your fiancé, these key questions first.

What’s my fashion style?

Are you a vintage enthusiast or is your wardrobe more contemporary chic? Do you go all-out for glamour or are you happier keeping it low-key and comfortable? The kind of ring you prefer depends on your look.

Keep it classic with this beautiful and elegant emerald cut diamond ring from Samara James (£2,165) or select a simple solitaire, such as this platinum ring from Goldsmiths (£3,950). Go big and bold with this white gold yellow diamond pear ring from Frost of London (£133, 800).

What jewellery do I wear, day-to-day?

Think about your lifestyle and the kind of jewellery you normally go for. Do your accessories make your outfit stand out or do you prefer your bling not to sing quite so loudly? It might be that you prefer a minimalist ring, like this diamond oval solo ring (£3,090) from The Cut; London.

What’s my dream wedding outfit?

Chances are, you’ve been thinking about this since you were about five years old. Whether it’s a full-on puffy white ball gown or a sharply tailored suit, the outfit you have in mind for your big day probably reflects your engagement ring style.

Bohemian brides will look great with a gypsy-style ring like this one from Hancocks of London (£9,750). Trendsetter types will want their ring to make a statement, such as this striking shades of pink piece from Nudes Jewellery (£1,985).

Now that you’ve thought about the overall look you want, it’s time to get down to the detail.

What’s my metal?

This is a crucial decision. Do you want gold, silver, platinum, white gold, rose gold, or a mixture of metals? Choose your beautiful base and the rest will follow. Palladium is a popular choice, such as this one from Chisholm Hunter, £99,500.

Which setting?

Your choice of engagement ring setting is important because it will help to determine the cut of the precious stone. Setting refers to how the gemstones are set or mounted into your metal band to highlight their natural beauty.

Here are a few popular choices of setting:

Prong (claw): This is the most common and classic ring setting. A prong is a little metal claw that grips the stone tightly, holding it in place. Prongs  (The Diamond Store £2,699) can be rounded, pointed, flat, or V-shaped.

Tiffany: In 1886, Tiffany & Co scientifically developed a specific solitaire six-prong setting to maximize the light return on the diamond. This plain-band setting has come to be known as the Tiffany setting.

Bezel: This is popular because of its modern look and suitability for an active lifestyle. Instead of holding the diamond with prongs, the bezel setting encircles the stone.

Tension: Here the gemstone appears suspended between the two sides of the shank.

Channel: This is a secure way to set smaller stones in a row into the band of the ring.

Halo: This refers to the placement of diamonds or other gemstones in a concentric circle or square around a centre stone.

Which stone?

Diamonds are forever but a coloured gemstone can be a cut above.  If you want something a little different on your ring finger, go for sapphire, amethyst, turquoise or make them green with envy with an emerald, like this solitaire design from Fenton (£2,600)

Which cut?

Whatever stone you choose, there are many cuts choose from, but the most popular include round, princess, oval, marquise, pear, cushion and emerald. Each sparkles in its own way but round-cut diamonds remain a firm favourite. They maximise light and reflection, as seen here on a Tiffany Soleste Round Brilliant engagement ring (£29,700)

Once you’ve made your selection, get peace of mind with bespoke engagement ring insurance. Our premiums start from less than £60 per year and if you need to make a claim, we will send you back to your jeweller of choice wherever possible.