Jewellery Valuation

If you need to make a claim on your March Plus Personal Jewellery insurance policy, we want the process to be as quick and easy as possible. An accurate valuation is priceless because it means we’ll already have all the information we need to be able to arrange for the replacement of your treasured item, usually with your chosen jeweller, very quickly. This is particularly important with bespoke designer pieces and it makes the whole process a lot easier.

We have used this short animation to explain in a fun way, the reasons why a valuation is so important when it comes to insuring valuable personal jewellery and watches.

I've got my valuation, but where do I send it?

You can send your valuation to us by Post, Fax or email; whichever is easiest for you.

Here's our details:

T H March & Co limited
Hare Park House
Yelverton Business Park
PL20 7LS


Fax: 01822 855 566

Please ensure you remember to quote your policy or reference number on any correspondence you send us, so that we can amend our records accordingly.

Important points to note regarding our valuation requirement:

  • We will need a full copy of a UK jewellery/watch valuation, not more than 3 years old, from a jeweller or independent valuer for each item valued at £1,000 or over, showing a full description of the item(s) and replacement value(s) within 30 days of the start of the insurance.
  • All valuations must show the name and address of the jeweller or independent valuer and the name of you or the wearer to support proof of ownership. The valuation must also be signed and dated by your jeweller or independent valuer.
  • For watches, in addition to the full copy of the UK valuation not more than 3 years old, you must also send a copy of the original purchase receipt and pictures of the watch, watch box and warranty card. Watch valuations must include the make, model and serial number of the item. The valuation must show the new replacement value (NRV) of the watch if it was purchased new, or the second-hand replacement value (SHRV) of the watch if it was purchased second-hand/pre-owned.
  • In the event of a claim occurring prior to the supply of a satisfactory valuation, you will need to support your claim with proof of ownership and evidence of value. Additional information may also be needed.
  • Once the required documentation has been received and accepted, this means that the expected replacement cost of your jewellery/watches is known, and this will help simplify the settlement of any claim.
  • If a supporting valuation for any item over £1,000 is not received by us within 30 days of the start of the insurance, the insurance on that item will cease and a pro-rata premium will be charged for the time insurance has been in place, subject to insurers retaining a minimum premium of £50 plus Insurance Premium Tax.

Contact your jeweller to arrange a valuation or click the Institute of Registered valuers logo below to find your nearest valuer.

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