Can you arrange any other kinds of insurance for me?

We certainly can.  For example, we are able to offer home insurance.  We can also add other items of jewellery to your personal jewellery insurance policy.

We are proud to be known as the foremost insurance brokers to the retailers, designers, manufacturers, makers, collectors, repairers and wearers, who are all part of the UK’s diverse and vibrant jewellery scene.   Our expertise doesn’t stop there because we offer a wide range of home, commercial and personal insurance products including life and critical illness insurances, as well as pension and financial planning advice to suit the needs and requirements of all kinds of people and organisations.

So, whether you need expert advice about insurance cover for your business, your home, your life or any other precious possession, please talk to us first here at TH March on 01822 855555 or request a callback.

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