Why arrange insurance with TH March?

There are many reasons to choose TH March for your personal jewellery and watch insurance!
  • Thanks to our experience in the jewellery trade, we have good working relationships with over 2,200 UK jewellers which makes the claims process much easier for you, our customers, when it comes to replacing jewellery
  • We are independent Chartered Insurance Brokers and a family-owned company based in the UK. Our offices are staffed with experienced, knowledgeable staff whose sole task is to find you the right insurance
  • The personal jewellery insurance policy has been specially designed for you by TH March, and is only available through TH March.   In addition, we have access to a range of markets to find a product to suit you, if for any reason the separate jewellery insurance policy is not suitable for you
  • There is no excess under our jewellery and watch policy (most home insurers have an excess on their policies)
  • We can help you cover just your jewellery or watches on their own which especially helps if you don’t need any other contents insurance, either because you live with your parents or in furnished accommodation
  • If you have to Make a Claim, you will speak to the same person throughout your claim. Our claims service is run by highly experienced staff who use a very straightforward and streamlined claims process.
Why use a broker? You could buy an insurance policy directly from an insurance company, but who would be acting in your best interests? This matters all the more should you ever need to make a claim. As insurance brokers, we are here to offer you impartial advice and help ensure you are treated fairly.
In addition, our standalone jewellery & watch insurance policy has been specially designed by TH March and negotiated with underwriters at Lloyd’s of London. Using our many years of expertise taking care of the insurance needs of the jewellery trade and its customers we have created a policy that has come to the aid of many customers who have had items stolen, lost or damaged over the years. This policy is exclusive only to TH March.
Chartered Insurance Brokers, established in 1887, we are proud to be known as the foremost brokers to the retailers, designers, manufacturers, makers, collectors, repairers and wearers, who are all part of the UK’s diverse and vibrant jewellery scene.

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TH March is "delighted" having been graded "Gold" following such an assessment.

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"This is great news for us and I would personally like to thank all the customers who took time to participate in surveys and interviews when they were approached by Investor in Customers"

Managing Director, Neil McFarlane
Here's what IIC say about us:

"We have been working with TH March for three years and they are really embracing the importance of delivering an exceptional customer experience. We congratulate them on successfully implementing a number of changes within their business to ensure that their customers recognise that, at all times, TH March has their best interests at the heart of the organisation."

Here's what some of our customers have told IIC about us:

"Always helpful and handle issues quickly and efficiently."

"I received fantastic customer service and all the information provided was very clear. I then received emails and correspondence as I had been promised."

"TH March met my needs when others struggled to. The staff were friendly and very helpful."

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