Why do I need a valuation?

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If your favourite item of jewellery/watch was ever lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair, a valuation would help provide the details you need in order to obtain a replacement. It provides a full description of the item and how it is made up and its insurance value at the time of valuation.
It is also essential that you discuss with your valuer how you would replace the item as this affects the type of valuation produced. For example, a new item from a chain store would be based on the New Replacement Value (NRV) whereas an older or antique item’s value could be based on the Second Hand Replacement Value (SHRV) or Antique Replacement Value (ARV).
Your valuer will also confirm how often your items should be revalued as precious metals and gemstone costs fluctuate greatly and regular valuations ensure your insurance values remain correct.
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  • Why do I need to provide a valuation for my jewellery & watch insurance?

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