Wouldn’t my home insurance policy cover my jewellery/watch?

You might already have some jewellery cover on your home insurance policy. A standard home insurance policy usually has limits applying to the total amount of jewellery included in the contents section and/or further limits on the amounts allowed for individual items.

Often, if an insurance policy does include cover for jewellery, there is a restriction on how the items are replaced in the event of a claim. For example, it is common for insurers to provide vouchers from their specific list of jewellers or send you to a supplier of their choice.

We recommend you check the terms and conditions of your policy to find out how your insurers would deal with a loss of jewellery.

This is where we are able to help. We can provide guidance on your insurance; help you arrange a standalone insurance policy for your jewellery or watch, or alternatively a specialist home insurance which includes the right cover for your precious items.  Call the team now on 01822 668000.

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