Making a Promise to Customers With our Vision, Mission and Values


We have set out a bold new vision for TH March to be the elite insurance broker of choice, protecting and enriching the lives of our customers, employees, partners and business communities. As the UK’s leading jewellery insurance broker we are making a public promise to uphold the highest standards in everything we do.

We have released our Vision, Mission and Values ahead of our 135th anniversary year. Forming part of our ten-year strategy, it will ensure we continue to put our customers first as we embrace new ways of working.

The document, which summarises our ethos and approach for the first time, was inspired by customer feedback. Each year, we carry out a customer survey via impartial third party assessors ‘Investor in Customers’ and our Vision, Mission and Values is based on what our customers say about TH March.

Our values are to put customers first, do the right thing, look for solutions and be a team. We will not only recruit and monitor staff based on these values, but also use them to make decisions about the firm’s future direction.

The launch of the Vision, Mission and Values follows our brand refresh, which included a new website that makes TH March more accessible to customers. It also reflects our commitment to best practice spearheaded by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA): to us, how we treat customers is more than just about regulatory requirements. Being committed to customers is central to everything we do, and by making these statements we weave these values into our culture, everyday practice and relationships.

Neil McFarlane, CEO of TH March, said: “The ethos we have set out – of uncompromising quality and genuinely putting the customer first – is not new. In fact, it has served us well for the last 135 years. However, this is the first time we have encapsulated our unique approach and made a public promise to customers to treat them in a particular way.

“We have always been transparent with our customers. Our Vision, Mission and Values take that a step further. This is an important moment for TH March because all our customers now know exactly what to expect from us.”

Head of Customer Experience Nat Brown said:Our Vision, Mission and Values comes straight from  the mouths of our customers. It summarises how they see us and will serve as an anchor for us to ensure we stay true to our ethos.

“We are different from other organisations in the industry. For example, our staff aren’t monitored for how long they spend on calls with customers – each customer has as long as they need so they never feel rushed. We take the time to explain terminology, safety measures and risk management. It’s in our hearts to want to help people and our research shows that our customers see us as trusted advisors and problem solvers.

“Being trusted to be by the customer’s side as their experts means everything to us.  Not only that, we are committed to designing our products, systems and processes around their needs.

“Our Vision, Mission and Values will ensure we continue to be genuinely customer-centric and focus on giving everyone the same dedicated level of service, every time they deal with TH March.”

Associate Director, HR, Jo Morgan said: “I was very passionate that TH March Values should come from staff themselves. Combining staff and customer feedback we have really captured the essence of our culture.

Staff are encouraged to go above and beyond to help our customers. The Vision, Mission and Values will be enormously helpful for new recruits, who can now quickly grasp our ethos and what makes us different, and as a guide for all our staff throughout their careers at TH March.”