National Apprenticeship Week: Chloe’s Story


There are hundreds of different apprenticeships to choose from. Whether you’re at the start of your career, want to change career direction, or if you’re returning to work after a break. We finish up National Apprenticeship Week 2021 with Chloe’s story…

Who or what inspired you to become an apprentice?

Being a mother aged 22 years old, I was inspired to become an apprentice because I really wanted to enter a career that I could serve long-term and give myself the skills to better my future. I find that apprenticeships allow you to continually grow and develop, alongside earning a wage too – total bonus! On that note though, being an apprentice working within a company was utterly desirable to acquire new skills and improve the strengths I already have, become a part of their reputable team and enter a long-lasting career.

What was the biggest factor in making you decide to do an apprenticeship?

My biggest factor in pursuing an apprenticeship is gaining the qualification, the knowledge and experience in an industry that will give back as much as I put in. When I got the job, I was informed of the many opportunities for further qualifications, this motivated me and upon completion of my apprenticeship I am hoping to gain further education within the industry. I strive for progress and an apprenticeship is the best starting point to continually grow.

Describe a typical day.

The basic typical day consists of actioning emails, learning something new, actioning some more emails and, of course, some more learning! Ever since I started working for TH March, I have learnt something new every single day, and yet there is still much more to learn.

Has the pandemic and lockdown changed your experience?

No. Or, maybe I could say it has enhanced my experience? Due to the national restrictions, there was only a handful of the team working in the office. This allowed me to build stronger connections with those present and also, via video call, meet the other members of the team! I’m now working from home, that fact purely goes to show how TH March have adapted to the current situation even though I am an apprentice they have been able to facilitate me working and learning from home. So, I would say the pandemic has inevitably made an impact on my experience, albeit a more trusted experience, knowing TH March has looked after me.

What do you enjoy most about your role, and why?

It has definitely got to be seeing all those emails go down in number! Seriously though, I like every part of the job. I really enjoy the learning aspect, there’s so much to learn and everyone is so friendly and helpful, it makes a massive difference when you’re working within a team that are dedicated to welcoming you and helping you grow!

What advice would you give to other people considering an apprenticeship as a route?

Do it! Even if you’re unsure on what you want to do in life, an apprenticeship is an opportunity to gain real-life skills, a qualification and broaden your options for the future. After all, how could regret putting your time and effort into an opportunity that will give you back something in return? I say, without a doubt, go for it!