National Apprenticeship Week – Finlay’s Story


Finlay shares his Apprenticeship story. Finlay joined TH March and is an Apprentice in the Personal Insurances Department.

Who or what inspired you to become an apprentice?

I joined THM straight from school so I had the choice of staying for A levels or becoming an apprentice. I chose to become an apprentice because I believe that it is a great experience and being able to earn money whilst learning was a great incentive for me.

What was the biggest factor in making you decide to do an apprenticeship?

Lots of my friends from school went on to do an apprenticeship and strongly recommend me doing it as it’s a really good opportunity to learn and gather experience.

Describe a typical day in the office?

I come into the office at half past 8 and start working through the tasks that I have to do, this consists of emailing, producing documents and making calls for information we require. This usually takes me till lunch, after lunch I gather all the post in the office and frank it. After this, I complete some more of my work which my manager sets for me. I then go onto to the miscellaneous post and last post. When all the post is completed I go and do the jewellers block filing. The filing normally takes me up to half-past 4, and from then I finish my work for the day and get anything left over ready for me to complete for the next day.

What do you enjoy most about your role and why?

I enjoy being a good environment to work as everyone is very kind, I also like making calls to require information.

How do you think an apprenticeship has improved or opened up your career options?

An apprenticeship has helped me learn a lot. I am completing a business administration apprenticeship, but I am also learning a lot about what it is like to be working in a professional environment which has definitely opened up my career options.

What advice would you give to other people considering an apprenticeship as a route?

If anyone is unsure about what they want to do, I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship as it provides a great experience and prepares you for your later career.