Congratulations to our March Star Winners for November 2020


The March Star Award acknowledges and recognises staff for their hard work and those who go above and beyond to help out their colleagues, Line Managers and clients! They are nominated by staff for staff!

Congratulations go to

Congratulations to our March Star Winners for November

Sarah Bright, Commercial Insurances Operations Manager, National Service Centre

Sarah joined THM in May 2003 as a Commercial Account Handler. More recently in April 2019 Sarah was promoted to Senior Account Manager – Operations Manager for the Commercial Team.

Sarah, mum to 9 year old, Mikey, loves walking and being outside in nature. They have just welcomed Molly, their new Sprocker, into the Bright family.

Sarah has been nominated by her colleagues for a March Star Award for November.

Congratulations Sarah!

Here’s what some of her colleagues had to say:

“Sarah has been kind and thoughtful when we’re all in uncertain times. Being a manager does put extra duties on a person, but the thoughtfulness is her own! Thank you :-)”

“During WFH Sarah has constantly made herself available to us when there was anything we needed to discuss. She has fielded many questions about what plans were being made about returning to work and whilst this must have been frustrating it did not show. She always puts others above herself even when she has more important things to be doing which is the mark of a great manager and people person. Ultimately Sarah whilst keeping many plates spinning she still manages to give 100% to our clients… I am so glad she is my Manager.”

“For being a calm voice in the chaos! Well done Sarah! The commercial team are organised and calm and that comes from great leadership!”

“Sarah has managed to keep the commercial department above water during staffing issues and deserves a medal for the hard work and hours she puts it.”

Well Done Sarah!

Congratulations to our March Star Winners for November

Greg Ibbotson, Digital Marketing Manager, National Service Centre

Greg joined THM in March 2020 just before lockdown and has been a really great asset to THM at such a virtual and digital time.

After relocating to Plymouth, Greg is currently enjoying renovating his house and discovering more of Plymouth on his bicycle. In between work and DIY keeping him busy, he also produces his own original dance music tracks.

Congratulations on receiving multiple nominations this month Greg!

Here’s what some of his colleagues had to say:

“Greg joined THM at a very strange time and has done really well in adjusting and adapting the THM brand to have a more relevant and modern feel, especially on social media. Well done Greg! A great asset to Team THM!”

“I think Greg needs another pat on the back and to be reminded what a great job he is doing! New to the company and having to get his head round what we do then having to face pretty much isolation from the start thanks to lockdown..” “His output is prolific, from social media posts to blogs all week to the newsletters to all the background stuff to keep the wheels turning. He deserves a medal.”

Well Done Greg!

Congratulations to our March Star Winners for November!