Team Leader Nicola White Celebrates 15 Years with TH March


TH March is delighted to celebrate the hard work and commitment of Personal Insurances Team Leader Nicola White, who marks her 15th anniversary with TH March this month after joining the business in 2006 as our very first apprentice.

Nicola’s career began with TH March at the age of 19 when, like many people of this age, Nicola was unsure about which career path she wanted to take. Her love of learning led Nicola to choose an apprenticeship which enabled her to earn a salary whilst she trained in a working environment, and Nicola began her career at TH March in an apprenticeship position as an administrative assistant & audio typist.

After finishing her initial apprenticeship, Nicola was offered a permanent role at the company and went on to complete more apprenticeships before moving to the Personal Insurances Team as an Account Handler after just two years.

Nicola said: “TH March has always encouraged me to further my education and has funded me through all my endeavours. I have completed multiple apprenticeships and was supported to take a Diploma in Leadership & Management before going on to do my Diploma in Insurance.”

Nicola’s journey has come full circle and she now oversees new apprentices joining TH March as part of the company’s now well-established apprenticeship scheme. She added: “I am always so proud of the apprentices. It makes me feel happy to see people reaching their goals and gaining confidence. When they are offered permanent employment upon completion of their apprenticeships, I feel a sense of accomplishment for them.”

At TH March, we have a strong apprenticeship scheme enabling many apprentices to succeed and grow careers in the insurance industry. As a former apprentice herself, Nicola said she would recommend an apprenticeship to anyone who feels that they are the kind of person who can work and learn at the same time.

“Putting your ability to work into practice, in real time, whilst learning, can benefit you massively,” she said.

“It can be daunting going from an educational environment to a real working environment. With an apprenticeship, you can not only learn and gain a qualification at the same time but gain the experience you need to be in a working environment. My main piece of advice would be to be yourself, work hard and try your very best in everything you do.”

We asked Nicola what an apprentice could expect to learn with us at TH March.

She said: “An apprentice can expect to learn a wide variety of skills. Of course, they will gain Insurance Technical knowledge, but they will also learn valuable skills which will help them in any business environment. Apprentices will gain confidence here, and the knowledge that they need to secure them a lasting insurance career.”

Nicola has now earned a senior position within the company and plays a significant role in the business, enjoying watching new apprentices looking to follow in her footsteps.

Nicola said: “TH March is very focused on encouraging and supporting professional and personal development for all of its staff, and as a company we strive to bring out the very best in all employees. Having apprentices means we can support that ethos by helping people to achieve their goals and ensure that they receive the very best support and experience in order to complete their desired qualifications.

“TH March always encourage further studies and there are so many opportunities, including a variety of Insurance qualifications or further Apprenticeships. It pleases me so much to know how successful the apprenticeship scheme has been, and will continue to be, for TH March.”

Reflecting on her career and growth within the company over the last 15 years, Nicola said the variety of her role, and the responsibility it affords her, has been the most enjoyable part of her time with the business.

“The variation keeps me on my toes and challenges me in different ways each day, as I have to be able to excel in every aspect of my role,” Nicola said. “Having a slightly senior position means that I have a lot of responsibility to set a good example to others, and I try to encourage my staff in much the same way that I have been encouraged in the past.”

Nicola said her proudest professional achievement to date has been completing her own Diploma in Insurance.

She said: “I am so proud of myself for achieving this as the circumstances at the time weren’t the easiest.

“I was studying for the Diploma during the first and second UK lockdowns, as well as working full time and looking after two children. It was extremely challenging, and the diploma was more of an achievement than if I had studied under normal circumstances.”

Jo Morgan, Associate Director of HR at TH March, said “Nicola’s achievements during her 15 years at TH March are incredibly impressive and a true testament to her dedication and work ethic. 15 years ago, we launched the Apprenticeship Scheme within TH March and Nicola was the first Apprentice we recruited. She now manages the Team of Apprentices and oversees the Scheme in our National Service Centre. It’s fantastic!”

Personally, I am really passionate about Apprenticeship Schemes and the ethos behind them matches TH March Values and our culture. We currently have 5 active Apprentice throughout the Company from our Glasgow Office to the National Service Centre in Devon and are looking to recruit further Apprentices throughout the UK this year.

“Nicola’s drive and ambition has enabled her to achieve many goals, and this is exactly what our apprentices should be aspiring for. Nicola is a real role model for our apprentices.”