Top Gold Standard Award for Customer Service – Again!


UK Jewellery & Allied Trades specialist insurance brokers, T H March, kicked off 2018 with the news that the company had earned an ‘exceptional’ gold rating for the second consecutive year from leading independent business assessment company, Investor in Customers (IIC).

The detailed analysis carried out by IIC focuses on customer experience by measuring excellence in the field of customer service by using direct customer feedback. It is a process that is most definitely NOT for the faint-hearted but ultimately it provides highly valuable insights for organisations that are willing to open themselves up to scrutiny.

T H March’s Managing Director, Neil McFarlane explains: “We are always keen to know what our customers and staff really think so that we can continue to improve on what we do. Three years ago we decided to take a deep breath and let a third party (IIC) talk directly to our customers.

We definitely learned lessons from the experience and have since been able to refine our offering because of it. First time around we were awarded two stars (silver) which was good but of course we wanted the top rating. Second time we achieved three stars (gold) and we were thrilled to have maintained the top spot with gold again – third time lucky!”

He added: “Our gold rating means that THM consistently meets the standards laid down in all aspects (of the survey), to a high level with an average score of 8 or above and, to put this into perspective, only 33% of the companies assessed by IIC since it was founded 11 years ago have managed to gain the old (formerly 3-star) award. We have now managed it on two consecutive years”.

Below are just some of the responses from customers to IIC’s questions which sought to understand what customers really think. The responses came after customers were asked:

How likely they were to recommend TH March to others and then to explain why they had answered as they did.

“This is an excellent specialist company whose staff use common sense and kindness when dealing with any query. They provide excellent value for money and do what they say they are going to do without a quibble.”

“Always helpful and handle issues quickly and efficiently.”

“I am very happy with the insurance policy I have through TH March and would rate the company as very good so I would recommend for Household Insurance.”

“I received fantastic customer service and all the information provided was very clear. I then received emails and correspondence as I had been promised.”

“Because TH March answer the phone – with a real person!”

“Broking is about providing a professional and reliable service. Others seem to have forgotten the basics!”

“TH March met my needs when others struggled to. The staff were friendly and very helpful.”

“Excellent experience. Was able to make a bespoke insurance plan for when I was traveling abroad to propose to my girlfriend. TH March made this simple and clearly stated the terms of the insurance cover.”

“Great service and people!”

“Good team and always there if you need them. Very good service.”

“Never had an issue that the staff were not able to resolve in a caring and efficient manner.”

About Investor in Customers

Investor in Customers, established in 2006, is dedicated to building better businesses. They work with clients to help them identify how to improve and develop one of the key drivers in any business: the customer experience. By focusing on customers, clients enjoy more effective, more profitable and more loyal relationships. The practically based IIC assessment process provides detailed analysis and insights that help create an environment of continuous development. Further information can be found at